Congratulations to the Cookie CEOs of the 2021 Cookie Season!

What an amazing Girl Scout cookie season for all our Girl Scouts and our new Cookie CEOs!

Whether they were running a cookie business for the first time or already seasoned cookie entrepreneurs, Girl Scouts from Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana (GCNWI) did an awesome job! During this unprecedented year, GCNWI Girl Scouts worked hard to reach their cookie goals and gave more than ever to our Gift of Caring program.

The Girl Scout Cookie Program supports all girls in achieving their goals, big or small, that they set for themselves and with their troop, from community service projects to program activities. Girl Scouts in our council sold over 2.8 million packages of Girl Scout Cookies. Their efforts proved (like this year’s Cookie Program theme) that no matter what comes their way, “We’ve Got This!”

Meet the CEOs

We are shining a spotlight on the top Cookie CEOs in our council! Each of these Girl Scouts applies the “five Girl Scout skills” for a lifetime of leadership (Goal Setting, Decision Making, People Skills, Money Management and Business Ethics) when it comes to their cookie business. With the support of their parents, their troops, and all the Girl Scout cookie supporters, they each had personal goals, using different strategies to achieve them!

Their efforts not only enhanced skills that will last a lifetime, but helped their troops earn proceeds for activities like camp and GCNWI programs, and to fund community service projects!

And the Cookie CEOs are:

Giada G. – Troop 20073 – 7th grade – 22,006 packages
Bristol S. – Troop 75466 – 3rd grade – 21,557 packages
Giuliana G – Troop 25727 – 3rd grade – 11,000 packages
Anne N. – Troop 60303 – 7th grade – 6,838 packages
Bella C. – Troop 51414 – 8th grade – 6,462 packages

Check out last year’s Cookie CEOs as they share some of their cookie wisdom!

Want to Participate in Next Year’s Cookie Season? Renew or Join Girl Scouts today!

Finding your voice and becoming your best self? That’s what it means to be a Girl Scout! Renew your membership or join Girl Scouts GCNWI!

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How YOU Can Help Support our Girl Scout Cookie Season!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year—Girl Scout Cookie time!

You know how delicious our cookies are, but did you know just how much good they do? Fun fact: the Girl Scout Cookie Program is the largest girl-led entrepreneurial program in the world. The Girl Scout Cookie Program prepares girls in Chicago and Northwest Indiana with the business smarts they need to take on the world! 

When you purchase a box of cookies, you are providing amazing experiences for girls in our community, like opportunities in STEM, outdoor programming, entrepreneurship, travel, and more! The skills they learn while participating in the Girl Scout Cookie Program will prepare them for a lifetime of leadership. But there is more you can do in addition to purchasing a box of your favorite cookies!

Ways You Can Help

As with most businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted our way of work including our cookie program. We need your help now more than ever to ensure that every cookie lover has something to enjoy!

  • Purchase or donate cookies at, or ask a Girl Scout you know for a link to her virtual cookie booth.
  • Visit this folder to download images you can share on social media or through email. Some social copy is below to get you started.
  • Ask others you know to help support the Girl Scout Cookie Program. Even if someone lives out of our council they can donate or purchase cookies to be shipped!
  • Tell your friends, family, neighbor, employer, and coworkers. You can even ask them to help spread the word!

Ways Companies and Employers Can Help

  • Email your employees
  • Post an image on your intranet and link it to
  • Cookies make excellent gifts for employees or clients! If you’re interested in purchasing… WHAT IS THIS PROCESS?

Social Media Posts

From the menu below you can cut-and-paste copy for your social media!

Facebook and Twitter
  • Create moments of joy at home this winter with Girl Scout Cookies! With virtual ordering and cookie delivery, it’s the easiest way to stay safe while supporting your local community. #ThinkOutsideTheCookieBox #girlscoutcookies
    Get your hands on some cookies using the Girl Scouts GCNWI virtual shop:
  • Does anybody want some cookies? Order today and get them delivered straight to your door!
  • Ordering cookies is now easier than ever with Girl Scouts’ new partnership with Grubhub! Starting Feb. 11, login into GrubHub online or the app and order cookies that will directly benefit local Girl Scouts. The best part? They will be delivered right to your door!
  • New year, same delicious cookies! Get yours today and support local Girl Scouts!
  • It’s cookie season! 💚 When you buy Girl Scout Cookies, the next generation of girls get a taste of what it takes to be successful and you get a taste of a delicious American tradition. Order up!
  • Ways to order Girl Scout Cookies this year: 1. Find a virtual cookie booth, 2. Download the app, 3. Order cookies online. Whatever way you order, get started here: #GirlScoutCookies

🚨This is not a drill!🚨 Girl Scout Cookies are back for a limited time! Don’t miss your chance to stock up on old favorites or try something new! YAY!

Ordering cookies is easier than ever because we are on @GrubHub! Open up the app and get yours within the hour! #GirlScoutCookies #Grubhub #ThinkOutsideTheCookieBox

What empowers girls and creates joy? Girl Scout Cookies, of course! Order yours today:

Create moments of joy at home this winter with Girl Scout Cookies! With virtual ordering and cookie delivery, it’s the easiest way to stay safe while supporting your local community. 💚 #ThinkOutsideTheCookieBox

How to enjoy #GirlScoutCookies Season:
1: Visit
2: Find an in-person booth, or order online from a troop’s virtual booth. 📱
3: Pick up your delivery from your mailbox or doorstep 📦
4:  Relax and experience the joy of biting into a uniquely delicious Girl Scout Cookie! 💚

  • It’s Girl Scout Cookie Season! When you purchase Girl Scout Cookies, you are supporting girls’ success and their ability to create a brighter future. Find out how to order cookies from a Girl Scout near you! #GirlScoutCookies
  • Did you know that Girl Scout Cookies make the PERFECT company gift? Get yours today and support local Girl Scouts in the process! #GirlScoutCookies
  • Whether it’s an outdoor adventure, a STEM activity that opens her mind to new possibilities, a service project, or the chance to build a lifetime of memories with her Girl Scout sisters near or far, Girl Scout Cookies make it happen! Order your cookies today!  #GirlScoutCookies
  • Girl Scout Cookies: Joy in every bite. Order your cookies today!
  • How to enjoy Girl Scout Cookie Season 2020:
    1: Visit
    2: Order online or call your local troop 📱
    3: Pick up your delivery from your mailbox or doorstep 📦
    4:  Relax and experience the joy of biting into a uniquely delicious Girl Scout Cookie! 💚 #GirlScoutCookies

Know a girl who would like to sell cookies?

All Girl Scouts are a part of an amazing sisterhood. Together they are building entrepreneurial skills that they can only get through the Girl Scout Cookie Program. Plus, they make lifelong friends they make along the way as they set high goals and learn essential life skills last far beyond Cookie Season. Become a Girl Scout today!

Social copy for girls who are not yet Girl Scouts
  • Girl Scouts are building entrepreneurial skills that they can only get through the Girl Scout Cookie Program. Help your girl start her own cookie business today!
  • Being a part of the Girl Scout Cookie Program is easier than ever now that we have gone digital! Help her set up her shop online with Digital Cookie! Learn more!

Thank you for your support from the bottom of our hearts!

Grubhub National Cookie Program Partnership – FAQs for Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana

Image via New York Times

This season, Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) announced a national partnership with food ordering and delivery platform Grubhub so girls have an additional way to facilitate contact-free cookie orders. In our council of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana, consumers in areas determined by our Gathering Place locations can order Girl Scout Cookies for delivery on or the Grubhub app. A hands-on experience in managing e-commerce, local Girl Scouts will track and fulfill orders, manage inventory, and more, all using Grubhub’s back-end technology. As always, the proceeds benefit the troop and council while providing another innovative way to safely run the cookie program virtually. GSUSA is grateful to Grubhub for waiving all fees for the organization to make this new delivery option feasible for sales without reducing proceeds.

What does this mean for Girl Scouts in our council?

In our council,  girls will be partnering with GCNWI staff and volunteers to hone their skills and gain some new experiences along the way.

Which Girl Scouts are eligible to participate in the Grubhub partnership?

Just as in all Girl Scout programs, girls build essential skills each year they participate in the Girl Scout Cookie Program. GSUSA, in partnership with councils, have identified this as a progressive opportunity that insures it is girl-led and to provide an extra layer of e-commerce experience gained by offering this cookie selling pathway to them. There are several factors involved, but this does involve a girl “staffing” a Grubhub distribution point in conjunction with GSGCNWI to fulfill orders and gain a greater perspective for the processes and decisions entrepreneurs make every day. The number of girl(s) and staff/volunteers at each location will be limited to ensure COVID safety guidelines are followed. Additional training will be required for all girls, staff and volunteers who participate in this partnership program. All participants must comply with all GSGCNWI COVID safety guidelines as well as the guidelines required by our partner, Grubhub to ensure consumer and driver safety. 

Where will the “cookie cupboards” be located?

Per our national contract with Grubhub, GCNWI may only offer pick-up locations at our Gathering Place locations. Drivers will only service Grubhub diners within a 20-mile radius of each location. Each location will have established hours of operation.

Who will provide the cookies used in this delivery?

The inventory supplied will be managed by Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana and will not come out of the individual girl or troop inventory. Troops will not be allowed to bring cookies from their inventory. Girls and their troop will get credit for packages sold through this model during their “shift.”

How will customers place an order?

Customers can visit to find out if/when contact-free delivery from Grubhub is available in their area. When the program launches, customers may order through or via the Grubhub mobile app.

Do Grubhub diners have the option to pay cash for orders?

No, all orders are required to be placed electronically via the app and/or website.

What times will the booths operate?

Booth times are 4pm to 8pm CST (Thursday thru Saturday). We may add Sunday as an option in the future.

How will this program be marketed in our area?

Grubhub is investing in advertising in the areas it services to promote the Grubhub partnership. We do not have information on where or how frequent ads will run. GSGCNWI, in partnership with Little Brownie Bakery, will be advertising the cookie finder tool starting in February – with a focus on encouraging consumers to purchase cookies from local Girl Scouts. We have also heavily invested in our PR campaign to encourage consumers to purchase through Digital Cookie, visit a local booth location or order from their favorite Girl Scout.

Can customers donate to Gift of Caring through Grubhub?

No. Per our contract and legal requirements with Grubhub, customers may not opt to donate to Gift of Caring (or similar program) at any council.

What fees are diners responsible for paying when ordering?

Diners are responsible for paying a service fee, delivery fee, and small order fee (only for orders under $10), along with an optional driver tip for delivery orders. Councils and troops participating will not be charged any fees by Grubhub for utilizing this program to aid in cookie delivery.

Is there a recommended minimum order amount for delivery orders?

No – diners may order as few as one package.

How are Grubhub drivers screened to protect the councils and the diners?

Grubhub runs criminal and motor vehicle background checks on all drivers and sends them best practices on how to conduct themselves in a professional environment. GSGCNWI staff and adult volunteers will be on-site at each pickup location.

How else can consumers safely purchase Girl Scout Cookies this season?

Consumers can support Girl Scouts by purchasing cookies in a few ways:

  • If you know a registered Girl Scout, reach out to her to find out how she is selling cookies – many girls participate in Digital Cookie and may have a link they can share to help you purchase cookies online.
  • Beginning February 1, enter your zip code into the Girl Scout Cookie Finder at to purchase from a local Girl Scout troop.
  • Stop by the Girl Scout Virtual Pop-up Shop ( and support a troop near you

Troops can begin signing up for a Grubhub Booth Site opportunity starting January 24 in eBudde on the Booth Site tab.

Thinking Outside of the Booth: 10 Ways to Sell Cookies Digitally

Thinking Outside of the Booth: 10 Ways to Sell Cookies Digitally

It’s time to get ready for cookie season, and we have 10 ways to help inspire you and think outside of the cookie both as you go digital this season!

  1. Get creative on social media! Use TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and emails to get the word out. (REMINDER: You are not allowed to advertise cookie sales on public sales forums, like Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Garage Sale forums, Craigslist, etc.) 
  1. Contact family, friends, and others directly, and ask them to spread the word, too! A lot can travel by word of mouth! 
  1. Take photos and videos to promote your sales, and don’t reign in your imagination! Take this Girl Scout for example she covered “Redbone” by Childish Gambino to sell her cookies!  
  1. Personalize your Digital Cookie site with what make YOU unique and memorable! Add a video, your personal mission statement, and what you or your troop plans on doing with the money earned!
  1. Use our council’s Trefoil filter, and search Girl Scout Cookie Filters on Instagram to spice up your posts and stories. 
  1. You can also use social posts made by Little Brownie Bakers to amplify your sales! 
  1. Research how to make the most of your social media profiles! And use these pointers from GSUSA, too. 
  1. Use QR codes and to your advantage! This will make it extra easy to get people to your Digital Cookie site—contact free! See tip #9 for how you can utilize these! 
  1. Make your own door hangers, street signs, and lawn signs with your personalized link or QR code to generate some organic traffic! Make your own or buy them from our shop in our cookie kits!
  1. Learn how to set up a Virtual Cookie Booth with this resource from GSUSA! 

Check out these social media tips:

Learn more about Girl Scout Cookies and how to participate on our site!

Girl Scouts Take the Lead in a Time of Need

All Girl Scouts make a promise to help people at all times, so it is no surprise that our girls have been sources of joy and generosity when we find ourselves in times of crisis. Across the country, Girl Scouts are fulfilling both their promise and the Girl Scout Law by trying to make the world a better place, even under our current limitations.

In our Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana communities, Girl Scouts are stepping up for people who needed it most even while staying safe at home. Whether by donating cookies to medical professionals, sharing cheer with neighbors through art, gathering resources for food pantries, even making their own PSAs, our Girl Scouts are showing themselves to be resilient and experts in spreading kindness.

Read on to learn about some of the ways Girl Scouts are walking the Girl Scout walk, even as we practice social distancing.

Kindness through Cookies

Medical professionals around the world have been working tirelessly on the front lines to minimize the impact of COVID-19 on their communities, and locally, many Girl Scouts have decided to donate some well deserved snacks to them.

Girl Scout Ruhi from Troop 55693 (featured in a blog post last week) already wants to help others when she grows up. She also realized she doesn’t have to wait until she grows up to help others, so she gathered up Girl Scout Cookies, and made thank-you cards with her sister Brownies. The much-appreciated donations were delivered by an adult to Rush University Medical Center staff!

Girl Scout Addison from Troop 45135 gathered up 93 boxes of cookies donated by Addison’s gracious customers and had them delivered to St. Alexius Medical Center. She said she was grateful she was able to help, even in this small way, because giving back ties into the service aspect of Girl Scouts! And the staff themselves were incredibly grateful, as they get very few breaks and little time to eat.

Across Service Unit 413, girls created over 100 signs and cards offering words of encouragement and appreciation to all health care workers serving on the front line of this pandemic. Additionally, troops 45621, 40469 and 41346 donated over 100 boxes of Girl Scout cookies to the health care workers. NorthShore University HealthSystem Hospital Emergency Departments located in Skokie, Highland Park, Evanston and Glenbrook were the recipients of the cards, signs and cookies. They all expressed gratitude and were very impressed with the generosity of all the troops! 

Melisa Gonzales Lopez and Annunciata Girl Scout Troop 60758 also donated cookies to Advocate Trinity Hospital, and Girl Scout Troop 55221 in Naperville made “Get Well” cards for those in isolation at Edward Hospital, both great ways to spread some joy from a distance.

Staying Connected

Girl Scout Leah P. from Elk Grove Village Troop 45421 got creative when it came to staying connected with her neighborhood: “To keep a sense of community for my friends and neighbors I packaged and delivered over 50 envelopes with Easter coloring sheets and activities to host a virtual coloring contest!”

Another artistic solution to keep in touch with others from a group of super kind Girl Scouts:

Girl Scouts from Troop 35424 in Crown Point, IN worked together virtually over the last two weeks to create a PSA video to generate awareness of the need to support local food pantries during this challenging time. These go-getters are working on their Bronze Award by helping people in their community who may experience job loss or food insecurity, and this was a great way to complete their Award while practicing social distancing.

You can check out that video on our Facebook page!

One more spot of good news!

Right before shelter-in-place started, Girl Scout Troop 55191 from Itasca was recognized by the Elk Grove Character Scout Coalition and the mayor for the work they do in the community!

This group of girls provides a full meal to guests at the PADS homeless shelter every year, and this year they tied it into their New Cuisines badge. They also completed their Bronze Award by providing fresh vegetables and activities for kids in shelters, and along with the broader Itasca community, the troop collected more than 1,000 pounds of Halloween candy to be donated to Packages for Patriots in Elk Grove Village!

Congratulations to this awesome Girl Scout troop!

We are beyond proud of these Girl Scouts, and Girl Scouts across the country, who have donated their time, effort, and kindness to people who need it. They are exemplifying what it means to be a Girl Scout: to be a source of strength and joy, to help others in need, and make the world a better place.

If you have recently contributed kindness to your community, we want to know! Please share your story with us here:

Girl Scout Cookies Available Until March 25!

You have a 2019 cookie goal, right? With so many ways to sell cookies, earning rewards has never been easier! Rewards are cumulative, and there’s still time to aim higher. Who wouldn’t love one of these experiences?

  • Party cruise on Lake Michigan | 500+ packages
  • Breakfast and adventure at Brookfield Zoo | 1500+ packages
  • Trip for two to Disney World for a four-night stay | 5000+ packages

Go for BOLD! These rewards are possible through the Girl Scout Cookie program which runs through March 25. 


Reach Your Cookie Goal!

The Goal Getter Program lets girls use Cookie Order Cards to sell cookies and fulfill orders to the package. It’s easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Download the Goal Getter Order Card! 
    • Ask (and re-ask) customers to buy cookies! 
    • Fulfill orders at a Cookie Cupboard location.
  2. Your troop earns its proceeds and girls continue to earn towards patches and rewards.
  3. Girls get special Goal Getter rewards!
    • Goal Getter orders with at least 15 packages in one transaction will earn a Goal Getter patch.
    • Goal Getter orders with at least 50 packages in one transaction will earn a ticket into the drawing.

Cookie Cupboards are open through March 25! Download the schedule »


Sign up for Girl Scout Cookie booth locations while spots are still available! 

  1. Sign up for a booth site today in eBudde! Check back to see new sites.
  2. Stock up on all the cookies you need for your booths.
    • Cookie Cupboards are open through March 25.
  3. See Cookie Booth Tips and Tricks »


* Only volunteers with access to eBudde can sign up for cookie booth sites. New booth sites are being added daily.

New this year, girls can go digital to sell cookies! Create a cookie site, send emails, and reach friends and family near and far! Cookies are shipped directly to customers. 


Your Go-To Place for Cookie Season Tips Just for YOU…

Now is the perfect time to join the Girl Scout Cookie fun! This time of year, there are more ways than ever to participate and reach your goals! Plus, don’t forget that rewards are cumulative, so keep your eye on the prize!

Is your troop hosting cookie booths? Are you selling online with Digital Cookie? Did you know you can still take orders through the Goal Getter Program?

Girl Scout Cookies are in demand! Hosting a cookie booth is an excellent way for girls to achieve their goals, while bonding with sister Girl Scouts!

Troop leaders sign up for booth sites and can order cases of cookies to stock booths through eBudde. Sign up now!

Check out the 2021 Cookie Cupboard Schedule »

Use these 5 tips to make sure customers can easily find and buy cookies from you!

1. Be Visible! Share the online Cookie Finder, so customers can see where booths are happening. Bling your booth to stand out even more! Create a theme and special signs or get shop swag for your cookie season. You can even dress up in a cookie costume; check with a Gathering Place location for availability!

2. Go Digital! Accept credit card payments using the Digital Cookie Order Card app! Download the app today: App Store | Google Play

Note: Friends and family who want cookies shipped directly to them can order from your Digital Cookie site!

3. Time It Right! Host a booth on National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend, Feb. 19-21.

4. Show Off Cookie Varieties! An attractive display will attract customers. Offer free, bite-sized samples and consider themed bundles, grouping a few boxes together with ribbon and a bow. 

5. Don’t Give Up! For customers not interested in buying cookies for themselves, you can always ask if they would be willing to donate cookies through the Gift of Caring program.

6. Look to Your Fellow Girl Scouts for Inspiration! Step out of your comfort zone and find innovative ways to share the Cookie Program with new customers. Check out Maddie’s cookie presentation to her dad’s coworkers at iHeartMedia!

Ask your parents/guardians, family, and friends if you can make a sales presentation of your own at their place of work. 

Or make a “pitch” video of your own and be creative! Take an example from viral sensation and Greater Los Angeles Girl Scout Kayla:

Only Girl Scouts can sell Girl Scout Cookies, and customers are eagerly awaiting! While friends and family are a great place to start, get creative with selling techniques. You’ll exceed your goals and power even more awesome Girl Scout activities.

🍪 Girl Scout Cookies are HERE! 🍪

Happy 1st Day of 2019 & the Girl Scout Cookie Program!

Happy New Year! Girl Scout Cookies are HERE! Your customers have been waiting. Start selling Girl Scout Cookies today.

There are more ways to sell and buy Girl Scout Cookies than ever before!

  • Today through Jan. 21, girls can reach out to friends and family and take orders using the order card and online sales with Digital Cookie. Delivery takes place in February.
  • Starting Feb. 11, girls can superpower their success with booth sales. Show us how you bling your booth!

Set those cookie goals and make a plan to power amazing Girl Scout adventures!

Check out cookie rewards »>

NEW! Girls Can Sell Cookies Online

This year there are more ways to sell and buy cookies! Getting started with the Digital Cookie Platform® is quick and easy! With Digital Cookie, the Girl Scout Cookie Program you know and love is better than ever.

Fun, easy-to-use tools help you superpower your sale and go beyond the booth with online and mobile channels that make it easy for cookie fans near and far to support your success.

And guess what? Girls who used the platform in addition to traditional sales, sold more cookies and reached their goals faster!

Girls can still participate in the traditional ways, too!

  • Order Taking: Go door-to-door;
  • Cookie Booths: Pick your location and bling your booth;
  • Workplace Orders: Make a presentation or write a letter;
  • By Phone: Call customers directly;
  • Gift of Caring: Ask customers to donate a purchase to the women and men in the Armed Forces and community organizations.

The Cookie Pro Contest is Now Open!

The Cookie Pro™ contest opens on Jan. 2. Enter for a chance at the Cookie Entrepreneur Experience of a lifetime! Girl Scouts and the bold and brave DC Super Hero Girls™ are teaming up to help young cookie entrepreneurs across the country.

Twenty-four girls nationwide will win the grand prize trip to southern California and get to meet prominent entrepreneurs and tour Warner Bros. Studios!

You Can Still Get Your Tickets for Cookie Rally on Saturday, Jan. 5 

Join us at Allstate Arena for the 2019 Cookie Rally with thousands of your Girl Scout Friends! Everyone who attends receives a FREE T-shirt and patch! Stick around for the Chicago Wolves game at 7 p.m. (ticket included in price of admission). 

Buy Tickets »

Cookies aren’t quite here yet… but you CAN still join us at the Cookie Rally!

While cookie sales won’t start until January 1*, you can still prepare for the season by getting your Cookie Rally tickets today!

Join Girl Scouts and their families from across the council on Saturday, Jan. 5, 2019, at Allstate Arena! 

  • Ice Skate on the ice with your fellow Girl Scouts (it’s BYO skates).
  • Dunk your favorite Girl Scout Staff Member at our Dunk Tank.
  • Meet the Cookie CEOs and learn their Cookie Selling tips and tricks.
  • Get a sneak peek of new Programs in STEM, Arts, and Outdoors
  • Enter cookie and Chicago Wolves-themed giveaways and prizes for you and your troop.
  • Learn more about Gift of Caring.
  • Get your photo taken at the Action Photo Booth.
  • Meet Tony the Tiger!
  • Get a jump start on your Cookie Season.
  • And more exciting surprises!


*Our sincerest apologies for our earlier publishing error that stated cookie season was already open.

Why This Year’s Cookie Rally is Going to be Better Than Ever!

There’s no better way to welcome Girl Scout Cookie Season than by attending the GCNWI Cookie Rally! Join Girl Scouts and their families from across the council on Saturday, Jan. 5, 2019, at Allstate Arena! Highlights for this year’s event include:

Buying a Cookie Rally Ticket means you are AUTOMATICALLY entered into our prize drawing!

When you purchase tickets on or before Monday, Dec. 17, you could WIN! Everyone who purchases a ticket will be entered to win. Plus, the more tickets you buy at one time, the bigger the prizes!

When you Purchase:

10+ Tickets: You’re automatically entered to win… 
Premium Cookie Booth Bundle: Includes everything you need to kick-start your booth sales: early, exclusive access to a premium booth spot, plus a Cookie Booth-in-a-Bag Kit!

4-9 Tickets: You’re automatically entered to win… 
$100 Girl Scout GCNWI Shop Gift Card!
Shop all the latest Girl Scout cookie gear!

1-3 Tickets: You’re automatically entered to win… 
A Girl Scout GCNWI Swag Bag: This custom assortment of cookie-themed items is only available at Cookie Rally!

If you’ve already purchased tickets you don’t have to do a thing! You’re already entered to win!


There are More NEW and EXCITING Happenings at Cookie Rally This Year!
  • Ice Skate on the ice with your fellow Girl Scouts
  • Dunk your favorite Girl Scout Staff Member with our Dunk Tank
  • Meet the Cookie CEOs and learn their Cookie Selling tips and tricks
  • Get a sneak peek of new Programs in STEM, Arts and Outdoors
  • Enter cookie and Chicago Wolves-themed giveaways and prizes for you and your troop
  • Learn more about Gift of Caring
  • Get your photo taken at the Action Photo Booth
  • Meet Tony the Tiger
  • Get a jump start on your Cookie Season
  • And more exciting surprises!