Social Media 101: How to Use Facebook to Market Your Girl Scout Cookies

Social Media 101: How to Use Facebook to Market Your Girl Scout Cookies

You already know Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with your friends, but did you know it can also help you sell Girl Scout Cookies? Social media is a fun and easy way to market your cookie sale in today’s digital world.

Marketing is important to let your customers know what you’re selling, when you’re selling and where you’re selling.

As always, be sure to follow the rules of Internet sites, including rules based on age of use, parental approval and knowledge, and public laws. Don’t forget to talk about guidelines for going online with your parent or guardian and take the Girl Scout Internet Safety Pledge.

Now that you’re a full-blown cookie professional, check out some tips to share your pride, goals and accomplishments online to help boost your sales:

1) Share your story. Tell people who you are, why you’re a #CookieBoss and what you love about Girl Scouts. Do you have a goal to sell a certain number of boxes this year? Do you want to go camping, or are you saving up to travel abroad with your cookie money? Be sure to include that information as well! Be sure to tell people what you plan to do with your earnings to help them make a connection.

2) Share your inventory. Help your costumers discover a new favorite or reconnect with an old classic by telling them about the cookies you carry. Ask friends to vote for their favorite flavor. Meet someone with a food allergy? Ask them if they’ve heard about Toffee-tastic, our gluten-free variety. If they don’t want to purchase cookies for themselves, tell them about our Gift of Caring that sends cookies to women and men in the armed forces.

3) Share the five skills. You know the ones: goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics. Show them what these skills look like in action with plenty of photos. Use the hashtag #5skills to share stories of growth and learning through the Girl Scout Cookie Program.

4) Share the love. Word of mouth is the best way to let people know about your business. Recruit everyone you know to spread the word about what the Girl Scout Cookie Program does for girls just like you! Did you learn a new skill? Did you try something for the very first time as a Girl Scout? Are you planning to surpass your cookie goal of last year and use that cookie money to take a once-in-a-lifetime trip with your troop? Let your friends and family know how excited you are to be a Girl Scout!

5) Share our posts. We’re here to help you. Find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for fun, shareable posts you can use to market your cookie sales to your online followers and follow our blog for more helpful tips.

Do you have cookie stories you want to share with the council? Are you saving your cookie money to make an impact in your community, travel abroad or go camping for the very first time? Let us know what you’re doing with your cookie money for the chance to be featured on our social media channels! Send your stories, pictures or videos to

A Day in the Life of a Cookie CEO

A Day in the Life of a Cookie CEO

While every Girl Scout is a #CookieBoss, it takes a lot of enthusiasm and determination to become a Cookie CEO. On Monday, Oct. 12, the top five cookie sellers from Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana (GCNWI) visited the Chicago Gathering Place and were Cookie CEOs for the day.

This year, the Cookie CEOs were Holly Doyle, 12 of Lake Forest; Nina Grotto, 16 of Hinsdale; Morrigan Macho, 14 of Chicago; Taylor Magruder, 18 of Tinley Park; and Mairead Skelton, 16 of Chicago. Together, they sold more than 26,000 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies.

“It feels rewarding and exciting,” said Nina, who raised nearly $18,000 to send about 4,500 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies to members of the armed forces through the Gift of Caring program. “I’m excited to give feedback to the actual CEO and help improve Girl Scouts as a whole.”

The Cookie CEOs began their busy day by meeting GCNWI CEO Nancy Wright and giving suggestions for improving the member experience, camping and travel programs, as well as incorporating the arts into STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education.

Cookie CEOs with Nancy
The Cookie CEOs start their morning by meeting with GCNWI CEO Nancy Wright (center) to suggest improvements to the council.

Afterward, the girls enjoyed a light breakfast with the staff where they received special “My CEO Met Me” patches from Wright. “This patch is really about you and what you want to be,” she said while presenting the patches. “We’re all here to empower you and who you want to be. The patch says ‘live your dreams.’ As you go out in the world, we want you all to live your dreams wherever they may take you.”

Following breakfast, the Cookie CEOs toured the Gathering Place, learned about the various Girl Scout artifacts on display throughout the office and met with several teams, such as marketing, retail and programs. Later in the day, the girls addressed everyone during an all-staff conference call.

Cookie CEO conference call
Nina, a 16-year-old Girl Scout Ambassador, addresses staff during a midday council-wide conference call.

“I love being here,” Holly, a third-year Cookie CEO, said during the meeting. “Each year, it motivates me to sell a lot of cookies.”

In addition to learning important life skills from selling cookies, such as goal setting, decision making and money management skills, several of the Cookie CEOs said the Girl Scout Cookie Program helped develop their confidence.

“I used to be shy and have low self-esteem,” shared Morrigan. “But Girl Scouts helped me build my people skills. I’m more confident in myself and I have Girl Scouts to thank for that.”

Afterward, the Cookie CEOs had lunch at Maggiano’s Little Italy and visited the set of a hit television show being filmed in Chicago.

“I like being a Cookie CEO because everyone is so welcoming and they’re really nice,” said Taylor, a first-time Cookie CEO.

Cookie CEO selfie
(From left to right: Morrigan, Holly, Mairead, Taylor and Nina) The Cookie CEOs take a #selfie after meeting with marketing as part of their Twitter takeover. All smiles, here!

Mairead, who returned for a second year as a top cookie seller, agreed.

“It feels good to be a Cookie CEO because you earned it,” she said. “It’s exciting to meet everyone and make new friends.”

Do you have a story you’d like to share? Send your ideas to!