An Open Letter to Powerful Girls Everywhere

An Open Letter to Powerful Girls Everywhere

My name is Brandi Hoover and I’m a 17-year-old Girl Scout Ambassador. Ever since I was a Daisy in kindergarten, Girl Scouts has done nothing but support me and give me opportunities that no other organization would have been able to, such as camping with my friends, attending Camp CEO, being a girl representative on the Board of Directors and so many more.

Having already earned my Silver Award, I’m currently working on my Gold Award, which is the highest award in Girl Scouting. When trying to think of what to do for my Gold Award project, I started noticing how big of a problem low self-esteem is in girls my age.

Girl Scouts was always there showing me the true value of my life. So I kept asking myself, “what can I do about this?”  How can I make others feel the way Girl Scouts has made me feel. Now, it has always been a dream of mine to impact the world and make a difference. So I thought what better way to make my dream a reality. 


Nearly a year ago, I started a blog called Hello Powerful You. The purpose behind my blog is to empower girls and help them raise their self-esteem. I post a variety of things from how I overcame barriers in my life to pictures of inspirational quotes. I think that every person deserve to live a happy life with a high self-esteem.

I think that Girl Scouts really helped me realize the full potential that I had. The organization as a whole really showed me the leadership skills I had. They proved to me that I could do anything I set my mind to. They not only supported me through this whole process and continue to support me, but they have also given me so many opportunities and way to help me network. One of my goals for this blog is to turn it into an organization like Girl Scouts. They have helped me turn my dreams and aspirations into a reality.

Now one of the things I regularly think about when trying to motivate myself to stay positive is how an issue will affect my life. I first think about how it will affect my life right now, and then I think about how it will affect my life in five years. If I realize that this problem will not affect me in one year or even five years, then why am I stressing about it now?

You should never stress about something that is not going to affect your life in the long run. Failing one math test is not going to break your future. Your boss in five or even ten years will not look back on that one test you failed in middle school or high school.

I use this method to help me work through problems on a daily basis. Now one year into my blog, I have many goals for Hello Powerful You. I hope that one day this blog can become something even bigger as I said earlier something like an organization to empower girls … just like Girl Scouts.

Most importantly, I want to change the world one girl at a time. So please check out my blog and tell me what makes you powerful.