10 Halloween Costumes to Inspire You This Season

10 Halloween Costumes to Inspire You This Season

1. Shuri from Black Panther


Source: YouTube

2. Zombie Girl Scout

It’s easy to Zombi-fy anything! Head to your nearest Halloween or department store and grab some creepy face paint and fake blood and have fun!

Tip: Use clothes you don’t mind staining. While fake blood products may say “washable,” always be prepared if it should stain! Also DON’T DYE your Girl Scout vest!

Source: Bleu Bird Vintage

3. Mia Thermopolis (Pre-Makeover) and Lily Moskovitz from The Princess Diaries

Bring this #tbt to life! This is great for you and your bestie, or just yourself to rock!

Source: Pinterest

4. Kim Possible from Kim Possible

Call me, beep me, if you want to reach me!

Source: Pinterest

5. A Ghost Buster from Ghost Busters

When there’s something strange in your neighborhood…

Source: Brit + Co

6. WonderWOMEN

Don’t limit yourself to just one amazing woman, take on them all!

Wonder Woman Source: Pinterest
Beyonce Source: Diana Alvarez via Instagram
Rosie the Riveter Source: Costume-Works.com
 Frida Khalo Source: A Mighty Girl

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Source: USA Today
Juliette Gordon Low Source: Pinterest

7. DIY Animals

Get your friends together and make some fun ear headbands channeling your inner spirit animal! Make it a night of crafting then trick-or-treating with all the fun, giggles, and animal noises along the way. Use the makeup tutorial for various animals as inspiration!

8. Unicorn

Because every girl is unique and wonderful! You can easily make this costume DIY by purchasing some temporary hair dye, and a whole bunch of tulle to make an easy and fun rainbow skirt!

9. Sabrina the Teenage Witch from The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Out with the old and in with the witchy! Who is excited for this Riverdale spin-off?

Source: Via Twitter @robertoaguirresacasa

10. Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus

We’ve put a spell on you…

Let’s be real, this is the best Halloween Disney Channel movie ever!

17707352_G (1)
Source: Heather Rust Photography

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