Happy Holidays from Girl Scouts GCNWI

Happy Holidays from Girl Scouts GCNWI

This has been a year for girls to unleash their power and BREAK THROUGH.

They are practicing leadership and backing up what they SAY with what they DO. At Girl Scouts, girls are tapping into their potential every day.

Girl Scouts continue to run the largest girl-led business in the world. The leadership skills they learn today last a lifetime as they chase their dreams and champion issues. This year they even broke a GUINNESS WORLD RECORD with the help of their famous cookies.

And that’s not all they’re breaking

Girls are breaking barriers in STEM. They are breaking away from screens and getting outdoors. And they are breaking the silence and using their voices for change.

This year has also been a time to celebrate women leaders and role models. Women of courage, confidence, and character are breaking stereotypes and disrupting the status quo.

From Girl Scout alums who are famous faces to Girl Scout alums who are newly elected Congress women, these women paved the way so girls can BREAK the highest glass ceiling yet!

And they will. Because girls are today’s hope and tomorrow’s leaders.

May your new year and our future be as bright as our girls!

Happy holidays from your friends at Girl Scouts GCNWI.

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