The New Registration System is Here! Access Your Account Now

Updated 2/3/2020

The new Girl Scouts GCNWI program registration system is finally here! Now from a single system you can register for day camp, resident camp, and programs for girls!

Follow the instructions below to access your account for the first time to make your camp and program registration process easier.

How to Access Your Program Registration Account

Existing Members and Parents/Caregivers of Existing Members

Existing Girl Scouts GCNWI members, we have pre-loaded your membership information into the program registration system, so all you have to do is reset your password!

  1. Visit the program registration “Sign In” page
  2. Once on the site, select “Forgot Password”
  3. You will be prompted to enter an email address and name. Please use the ADULT’S email and name from your primary MyGS account. Your MyGS email address is the primary account used when you renew a Girl Scout membership online. If you do not know which email is used for this, please contact
  4. Then check your inbox for an email from “” with a link to reset your password.
  5. Choose a new secure password, log-in to the registration site, then verify that your family members are correct and update if necessary.

Visit the program registration site to reset your password

Non-Members and Troop Leaders

If you are not a current member of GSGCNWI or are a troop leader wishing to register girls in your troop for programs or camp, you must first create an account.

  1. Visit the program registration “Create an Account” page
  2. Name & Address
    • Troop leaders, add your troop number after your last name
      (For example: First Name: Jane; Last Name: Doe-troop12345).
    • Parents and caregivers of non-member girls, create your account first, then you’ll be able to add any children as “Family Members.”
  3. Contact Information
    • When creating a troop account, you must use an email address that is not associated with an existing MYGS or program registration account.
  4. Choosing a Customer Type under Personal Information
    • Group: For Profit – Organization of family wishing to reserve property.
    • Group: Not for Profit – Organization with verified 501(c)3 status wishing to reserve property.
    • Individual: Non-Member – Individual without an active Girl Scout membership.
    • Member: GS GCNWI – Individual or Troop with current Girl Scouts GCNWI membership.
    • Member: Other GS Council – Individual or Troop with current Girl Scouts membership outside of GCNWI Council.

Important Information

  • Any existing accounts from previous GSGCNWI program registration systems do not transfer.
  • Property and equipment (like flags and parade kits) will still be reserved through their current processes. We’ll release these through the new system at a later date.
  • Adult and volunteer training registration will continue to be taken through the Learning Portal.
  • The program registration site is NOT connected to your MyGS account. To make things easier on you, we have imported membership information from MyGS into this separate system.
  • Girl Scout membership registration and renewal will still occur through MyGS, accessible through the main Girl Scouts GCNWI website.

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