Hosting a Virtual Girl Scout Troop Meeting

If you’re a troop leader, you may be feeling worried about how you’re going to keep the Girl Scout spirit going while we are socially distant. Know that you are not alone––and you don’t need to worry!

During this time, you can keep your troop connected through online meetings to keep girls engaged with one another, while keeping safe. Here are some tips on how to run a productive, fun and engaging online meeting. 

1. Choose a virtual platform

There are several different virtual tools you can use to host an online meeting. Here are several suggestions to help you. 

Troop leader Annette Paredes noted that the Zoom app is free for 40 minute meetings, and you are able to see and be seen by the entire group!

2. Prepare

Create an agenda and a purpose for your meeting with the girls. Ask each parent to complete the Girl Scout internet safety pledge

Check out our Volunteer Essentials, where you can find information on troop management, how to engage girls and family, and more. 

Leader Annette also told us about her plan: “We’re coming up with badge-work for them to do, and work on it in the meetings.” She leads a multi-level troop, Daisies through Cadettes, so she’s taking time to schedule different meetings for each level.

3. Keep Girls Connected

Designate the first 10 minutes to have girls share what they’ve been up to and how they are feeling. This will keep girls socialized and engaged with one another. 

Emphasize that these will be girl-led meetings by having girls choose a topic they are interested in discussing or learning about and creating a simple action plan to boost engagement!

For advice on how to make Girl Scouting a girl-led experience, check out our blog post here.

4. Use Online Resources

Take advantage of learning tools online! From Virtual Field Trips to online patch programs, there are multiple activities you can do with your girls.

Check out our GSGCNWI patch programs! Many of these can be done from home including the Barilla Girl Scout Food Camp, Girl Security, Global Action Award.

Also take a look at our last blog post–– there is a long list of websites and other resources on the internet to educate and entertain kids.

Don’t Forget the Volunteer Toolkit!

Troop Leaders, don’t forget you can support your troop activities from afar! Look to the Volunteer Toolkit (VTK). Download PDFs of the badges your troop is working on and send them off to parents and caregivers. Easy and simple way to keep the Girl Scout fun going for your troop! 

Not sure how to do that? Check out our VTK Resource Guide.  

5. Have some fun!

Don’t forget to entertain yourselves and take time to just enjoy each other’s virtual company. Troop leader Terez Stewart hosted a TV-watch party using the Google Chrome app Netflix Party, which sounds like a ton of fun!

You can also curate a Troop Watch/Playlist, where everyone in the troop shares their favorite TV shows, movies, podcasts, YouTube channels, musicians, etc, for everyone else to enjoy during downtime! This is a great way to get new suggestions for your TV-or-media time, and find out something new about your Girl Scouts. 

Lastly, if you can, please take time for yourself, away from Girl Scouting and current stress, to just relax. You are an essential part of these girl’s Girl Scout experience, but do not burn the candle at both ends!

6. Tell us what you’re doing!

We know you are a superstar leader with a bunch of awesome ideas on how to keep Girl Scouts going from afar––we want to hear from you! Please share your story with us so we can share with other leaders, girls, and supporters of Girl Scouts that the Girl Scout spirit can live on from afar! Submit your story here.

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