Member Monday Round-Up: Staying Strong!

Girl Scout Ja’Mirra from Troop 26060

Another week, another collection of AMAZING stories from our local Girl Scouts! Girl Scouts have kept their spirits up and kept the Girl Scout way alive by participating in virtual troop meetings, planning and completing highest awards, doing “good turns” daily, and most importantly, having fun!

As we come out of Green for Good Week and gear up for Family Week and the Girl Scouts GCNWI Great Family Camp-In from May 23-24, we want to continue to take time out of the week to appreciate and celebrate our Girl Scout Family. Read on to find out what these Girl Scout sisters have been up to lately!

Baking the World a Better Place

Girl Scout Daisy Morgan from Troop 75639 is really baking a name for herself. She started her own YouTube channel Morgan Makes and Bakes, and last week shared a video of herself making an incredible-looking Girl Scout Cookie Cake! We can’t wait to use some of our cookies to make it!

Girl Scout Troops are chugging along, and Troop 10063, a multi-level troop ranging from Daisies to Seniors, has been hosting regular meetings using Facebook Live! They’ve hosted cooking demonstrations, a paint-along, Mother’s Day crafts, and workshops on Girl Scout basics! They’ve even taken two virtual field trips, one to their leader’s place of work at a local distribution office and warehouse, and another to a county forest preserve for a nature trail hike. Sounds like a whole lot of Girl Scout fun!

The creative juices have really been flowing for some Girl Scouts–– just look at the girls from Troop 60538! These girls got together to create their very own news show where they share feel-good stories, and this fulfilled part of their Media Girl Journey! If you need a chuckle, check out their Quarantine Quarrels:

Girl Scout Service Spotlight!

Girl Scouts have continued to do “good turns” daily, either by donating cookies, organizing donation drives, or simply spreading some much-needed cheer. Troop 76120 donated their leftover cookies to healthcare workers at Northwestern Hospital, and the entire Service Unit 718 in Frankfort, IL sent thank-you cards! Although we can’t see the smiles on their faces, we’re sure the cookies brought them plenty of joy!

With the help of their “big sister” Girl Scout Jazleen, Daisy Troop 75552 donated over 50 boxes of cookies and plenty of beautiful thank-you notes to Oak Lawn Advocate Medical Center! What a great way to put Girl Scout sisterhood into action!

This AWESOME family of Girl Scouts from Troops 21180 and 20897 donated their last boxes of cookies to the University of Chicago! Every donated box came with a handmade special thank you card from the girls. We know that the staff was incredibly appreciative of this generosity!

Girl Scouts have gotten really creative when it comes to helping out their communities, and Girl Scout Sommer from Troop 60261 is no exception! Since hand sanitizer has been in short supply, Sommer began to use her own allowance to buy ingredients to make some herself–– since then, she’s been donating these bottles to police officers, city workers, nursing home volunteers, senior citizens, friends, and families! She was even featured in the Homewood-Flossmoor Chronicle, and for good reason. Incredible work, Sommer!

This troop of local Girl Scouts also donated cookies, and created these special notes! Thanks for sharing, girls!

Are you looking for a service opportunity to partake in with your troop? Emma Davenport, the Illinois State Lead for #MasksNow, shared with us a very special opportunity for any interested Girl Scouts:

Silver Award Shout Out!

Our last groups of featured Girl Scouts get very special shout-outs for recently working on or completing their Silver Awards!

Troop 70950’s Silver Award project focused on spreading kindness throughout their community, and they certainly accomplished that goal! The girls volunteered with RichEnDeed, a local non-profit that allows community members to donate gently used clothing and household items which others can shop for free at their store.

For the first annual Holiday Shop with RichEnDeed, they collected and sorted donations for the store, and these girls even went the extra mile to purchase, assemble, and donate a brand-new donation shed so donations can be dropped outside the store! Congratulations to these super-generous Girl Scouts for this amazing accomplishment!

Girl Scouts Evie and Madalyn from Troop 51974 also deserve a shout-out for their awesome work on their Silver Award, an idea they came up with together last summer after Madalyn got back from camp. Because their favorite place to earn badges is at camp, Evie and Madalyn wanted to find a way to help other girls do the same. Thus, the Badge Packs were born, consisting of all the supplies needed to complete certain badges, including the instructions, activities, and whatever else someone may need!

Their plan is to send a variety of Badge Packs for Daisies, Brownies, and Juniors to Camps Greenewood, Butternut Springs, Juniper Knoll, and River Trails! Evie and Madalyn chose diverse options such as the Junior Detective Badge and the Brownie Making Friends Badge because they wanted to provide a range of options for girls at camp who may already be earning other badges. They’re very excited, and hope to deliver their finished product to camps by the end of 2020! Great job, girls, and thank you so much for sharing!

Girl Scout Cookies Are (Still) Here!

Hello from one of the contributing writers of this blog, Susana Cardenas-Soto! I am breaking the fourth wall very briefly to share my own story from this past week because I BOUGHT GIRL SCOUT COOKIES and you can too!

I connected with Girl Scout Troop 23143 for some much needed treats, and they have plenty more cookies to sell! Purchase Girl Scout Cookies for yourself, or as gifts for essential workers, medical staff, and others–– just fill out this form and you’ll be connected with a local troop and coordinate a safe, contactless transfer of delicious treats! What could be better?

These Girl Scouts are super impressive, and they aren’t the only ones! Catch up on all of our Member Monday and Service Spotlight blog posts to get some more good Girl Scout vibes:

Please keep sharing your stories with us!

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