Everyone needs a little encouragement, now and then. Including Girl Scouts.

One thing is certain. When you belong to Girl Scouts, you belong to a close-knit community of people who care about inspiring each other to help others, lead with their best attributes, and are resilient, even in tough times.

As we continue to transform how we provide our experiences in these challenging times, the key thing to remember is “you are not alone.” We are all wading through uncharted waters, together. Though things may look different, our focus on sisterhood, leadership and service remains the same.

Don’t just take our word for it! We asked some of our teen Girl Scouts to share their advice and insights to keep our younger members feeling positive and optimistic. Her next adventure is full of new possibilities, new experiences, new badges and journeys, new skills to learn, and new trails to blaze! No matter what tomorrow may hold, she can always count on her Girl Scout sisters to be there every step of the way.

“Dream big! The great thing about being a part of a service-driven community is that you always have the people and the resources you need to help you expand your ideas. Don’t be afraid to be ambitious!  Projects that may be incredibly difficult to pursue independently can be a lot easier with a team by your side. I know people traditionally associate Girl Scouts with camping and cookie sales, and those activities are a blast, but GS is also a community of people that can help you pursue your dreams and expand your reach! So, stick with it!”

Audrey C. -Girl Scout Ambassador

“Always stick with it. Even if your motivation is low and you’ve got other activities as well, stay with Girl Scouts! I’m about to graduate high school and my greatest pride is my Gold Award and my other Girl Scout accomplishments. It will all pay off in the end!”

Marley M. -Girl Scout Ambassador

“In middle school, I dropped out of Girl Scouts because most of my friends weren’t doing it anymore. Ironically, my friend groups ended up shifting during eighth grade, and suddenly all my friends were in Girl Scouts. I ended up rejoining, and I’m very glad that I did. From the whole experience, I learned that friends shouldn’t dictate the things you do or the choices you make. Do what you love, and you will make friends along the way, more easily than you might expect.”

Tess O. -Girl Scout Senior

“Girl Scouts is a lot of fun.  As you get older, people will tell you the Girl Scouts is only for little kids, but it is not. You learn so much from Girl Scouts. There are so many opportunities for older Girl Scouts to make a difference in their communities. Keep moving forward!”

Molly M. -Girl Scout Ambassador

Whenever you are ready to continue the journey, we are here for you!

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