Summer Camp Revamp Rewind: Special Edition!

Girl Scouts at Chicago Park District’s Eckhart Park

In this special edition of Summer Camp Revamp Rewind, we are sharing with you how one troop of 18 Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana (GSGCNWI) are making the most of their social-distanced day camp!

GSGCNWI, in partnership with the Chicago Park District’s Eckhart Park, is excited to provide opportunities for girls in our community to stay connected virtually. The girls masked up and gathered to do all six weeks of the virtual Summer Camp Revamp, cultivating their own “new normal.”

The past two weeks have been busy for these girls as they get used to camp again—and they’re certainly enjoying themselves! Let’s get to know some of these super Girl Scouts a little better!

Meet the Girl Scouts!

Last week was GIRLapalooza, a week all about celebration and joy (read about it on our blog!) so what better way to close out the week than by completing the SuperHERo activity?  

The girls, in their discussion groups, both talked about identifying their personal strengths. Some girls spoke about how hard it can be to talk about themselves, noting they often pay too much attention to the things they struggle with rather than what they’re already good at.

When it comes to sports, school, family, and friends, the girls all identified what their strengths are and where they could improve—and that’s important! After all, true self-confidence is not about thinking you’re good at everything, but having the ability to celebrate what you are good at and work on what you could do better.  

What’s YOUR Super Power?

Girl Scout Rickayla told the group that her superhero powers come from “playing sports and talking to friends.” One of the things she likes the most about herself is that she is kind, and we can tell! 

Girl Scout Ania is great at plenty of things: she plays basketball, football, and floor hockey, AND likes hip-hop dance, gymnastics, painting, and doing hair. Ania believes the source of her superpowers is her athletic abilities, “because of the amount of strength you get from playing.” 

Taelor has a different perspective—she says her superpowers come from her heart and from her spirituality. She uses this superpower by donating resources to people without homes, and says, along with sports, dancing, and math, and she’s good at “showing love!”  

Girl Scout Laylani knows her skills well: she says she’s good at math, floor hockey, coloring, writing, cooking, and keeping her things organized. She likes to create art and help others, and believes creating art can become her superpower because whenever she “draws or creates anything, it comes to life!”

Find your Super Strength

These girls know themselves well, and we are excited to see where their superpowers take them in the future! Interested in finding your own inner super strengths? Download the SuperHERo activity!

Thank you to all the girls who shared with us, and we can’t wait to see what else you get up to during Summer Camp Revamp!

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