5 Ways Girl Scout Troop Leaders Can Succeed

Focus on What Girls Need Right Now

It is not business as usual at Girl Scouts. And that’s a good thing!

If sheltering in place has taught us anything, it is how to get creative with how we spend our time, our priorities, and how to connect with others in unconventional ways.

The same applies to being a Girl Scout leader.

We know things may look a little different, but here are 5 ways to keep the focus on girls, and what’s most important, when the need to see things differently has never been greater:

1. Shift Your Lens

Adversity has opened up the opportunity for us to take what we know about the traditional way of Girl Scouting and look at it under a new light!

Now is the perfect time to shift the way you view troop meetings and activities and welcome a new perspective that is innovative, flexible, and really responsive to girls’ interests and needs.  

Get outdoors while the weather is good! Just ensure that everyone is wearing masks and following all COVID guidelines. Safety first!

If your troop traditionally meets on a weekly basis, consider providing girls a robust and interactive experience at monthly meetings instead. Do not feel pressured to continue to meet on a weekly or bi-weekly basis as you did before. Just help connect girls and their families to some of the many virtual programs and experiences offered by our council and Girl Scouts of the USA. You do not have to do it all yourself.

2. Become a Virtual Girl Scout Troop

Our COVID-19 guidelines will be updated throughout the upcoming year, but instead of waiting for the next set of recommendations, just shift your view of virtual Girl Scouting as an opportunity rather than a substitute. Most of our content works amazingly well online!

There are virtual troops girls can join right now or you can start your own using the Girl Scouts from Home page to plan out your meetings. Your Volunteer Toolkit has virtual meeting plans for all age levels! No need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to providing fun, interactive programming and experiences for your troop.

We frequently update our Girl Scouts from Home page with virtual activities the whole family can enjoy!

Check out what some of our virtual troops have been up to!

3. Continue to Uplift and Motivate Your Girls’ Parents

Girl Scouts is not cancelled. Reassure your parents that as things continue to evolve and change, we will continue to ensure their girl is having fun, connecting with other girls, and building skills

4. Save the Date for the Leadership Expo

We understand your pain points as a troop leader in these times of uncertainty. And we are fully prepared to address those uncertainties and provide resources on how to remain resilient amidst the unknown.

This year’s expo will take place Saturday, September 26, and will celebrate volunteer accomplishments, highlight inspirational stories, and uplift strategies and tactics for the 2020-2021 Girl Scout year. 

Save the date! Additional details and registration information will be announced soon!

5. Stay connected

The Volunteer Toolkit (VTK) is full of resources to help you conquer a new Girl Scout year. In addition to the VTK, we will continue to provide you with the latest updates and insights right here on our blog, website, and social media.

When 90% of your girls renew by August 31, 2020, your troop will receive a FREE Zoom account!

Bonus tip: Breathe

We are here for you. Continue this journey with us as we look at why Girl Scouts exists, especially using a new lens to see that we have always been about supporting girls when they need us most.

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