2020 Gold Award Spotlight: Part 4!

Every week on our blog, we’ve featured young women that are big dreamers, dedicated workers, and true change-makers in their communities, the nation, and the world. Continue meeting our Girl Scout Gold Award Class of 2020 from Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana this week to learn about their incredible acts of leadership, courage, and kindness.

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ADHD Awareness

Jordyn, to earn her Gold Award, focused on a subject close to her heart. As someone diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD), Gold Award Girl Scout Jordyn wanted to spread awareness by debunking myths surrounding the disorder, offering tips and tricks for coping, and educating her community on the subject matter. Check out her YouTube channel to learn more and watch her videos!

Fellowship Outreach Program

Gold Award Girl Scout Colleen, to earn her Gold Award, worked to connect her community and parish by creating “parish packets” as a fellowship outreach program. This is Colleen’s particular passion because she went to school there, was an altar server, and belonged to the youth ministry. These “parish packets” included items not only from the church but items from around the community, in order to market the parish and draw new parishioners.

“Senior” Prom

To bring the young and the elderly in her community together for fun and connection, Gold Award Girl Scout Quinn held a “Senior” Prom dance at a senior citizen home. With the younger girls, she lead a paper flower and Valentine’s Day card-making workshop, and with the seniors, she presented about pop culture. She helped 36 residents and 32 Girl Scouts connect with one another for her event!

Flower Power

green plants on black metal train rail during daytime

With plenty of research and brainstorming, Girl Scout Kendall earned her Gold Award for her community garden Flower Power, located in a skilled nursing home facility. Two raised flower beds later, residents now have a new fun task added to their days, where they can get outside and moving and feel helpful picking weeds and harvesting vegetables. She incorporated plants that would get the residents involved and attract butterflies and birds.

Spring Social

Girl Scout Lucy earned her Gold Award for hosting a Spring Social dance event for teenagers with disabilities. The event included spring themed activities, like plant potting, picture coloring, carnival games, and plenty of food. Lucy planned, prepared, and supervised the event with help from the faculty and volunteers from her school, and a great night was had by all!

Blessing Bags

To earn her Gold Award, Girl Scout Jilliann collected, sorted, and personally delivered travel size toiletries and basic necessities to homeless individuals in her community. In order to do this, Jilliann worked with a local shelter for homeless individuals in her community, and was able to distribute 200 bags of toiletries.

Stepping Up to Success

macro photography of school bus

“Individuals with disabilities are always aiming to achieve independence,” Girl Scout Therese describes. “One of the last steps toward independence is the ability to travel alone.” It is especially the increased step size of most buses that can provide a challenge for these individuals. In order to help bridge this gap, Therese created a set of stairs that mimic bus stairs for individuals with disabilities to practice on, and her efforts have already seen great results.

The Summer Shindig

In effort of raising awareness for the Hope and Friendship Foundation‘s summer youth programs, Gold Award Girl Scout Victoria hosted a charity benefit event in her community, The Summer Shindig. The event included dancing, food, raffles, balloon animals, and much more fun, and with the help of local business, friends, and community members, Victoria was able to raise almost $400 for the foundation to put toward summer programs for families in need.

Savvy Seniors

“I was grateful to have a close relationship with my grandfather,” Mia shared, and this was her inspiration to address the issue of neglect toward the senior community, provide a safe and interactive environment to stimulate and accommodate them with resources, Girl Scout Mia created a program, “Savvy Seniors,” to teach technology to senior citizens in retirement homes. In addition to weekly classes where she taught residents how to type, compose emails, and more, she also created a website for individuals unable to attend.

DuneLand Micro-Pantries

“Working at a grocery store,” Girl Scout Angelique says, “I see many people on food stamps having to put many of their necessities, like shampoo, toothbrushes, and other things back on the selves because they can’t afford it.” To provide individuals in her community with these necessities, Angelique built Micro-Pantries in her area, which were stocked with basic necessities free to all, so no one has to compromise “hygiene for food, or food for hygiene.”

Bridging the Generational Gap

Girl Scout Tiarra, in order to bridge the gap between generations in her community, volunteered at several nursing homes to learn more about the residents, their experiences, and the history that impacted them. At the end of her research, Tiarra hosted an “Inter-generational Extravaganza,” bringing over 150 people together for an evening of fun.

Busy Hands

Kiley, for her Gold Award initiative, created a volunteer system to create fidget quilts for people suffering from dementia. These blankets, which are covered in “fidgets,” or different tools for them to stimulate their hands with like ribbons, buttons, zippers, and more, are a great help with easing nerves and providing constant comfort. Kiley collected over 35 blankets and they continue being made.

Our Girls are Shining Bright!

We extend our sincerest congratulations to these girls and all Gold Award Girl Scouts this year!

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Look out for next week’s 2020 Gold Award Spotlight!

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