Your Girl Scout Member Account Is Changing

In December, Girl Scouts will debut a refreshed member account management system designed with you in mind. The new environment will provide increased visibility to your Girl Scout member account, make it simpler to manage household (and troop) memberships, and make it easier for you to find more fun for your Girl Scout!

However, to implement these changes, all member systems will be unavailable from November 18 through December 7. This includes:

  • Volunteer Toolkit (VTK)
  • myGS 
  • New membership registration/s and membership renewals 
  • Looker (used by service unit data reporters) 
  • Background check completion and submission for processing 

What does this downtime mean for you?

Read below to see steps you can take to prepare for downtime.

Volunteer Toolkit (VTK)

You will not be able to access anything within your MY GS account (including your family profile, troop profile, and the VTK) from Nov. 18-Dec. 7.

  • Troop leaders/assistant leaders and parents/caregivers of Individually Registered Members (IRMs or Juliettes) should download any VTK meeting plans, rosters, and contact information before Nov. 18 as you will not be able to access the VTK during downtime.
  • Service Unit team members (mentors, program coaches, trainers, etc.) should reschedule all VTK trainings from Nov. 18-Dec. 7. 

myGS (member account)

You will not be able to access anything within your myGS member account from Nov. 18-Dec. 7.

Current members should review their household memberships (in myGS) and complete any necessary renewals by November 18.

  • In the new platform, all parents/caregivers must have a unique email address. In our current system, many parents/caregivers share one email address to access their family’s Girl Scout account. To ensure a smooth transition for your family, please take a moment to review and prepare your household for our fresh new environment by following these three steps:
  1. Log in to MY GS. (Note: In the new system, MY GS will become My Account.)
  2. Review your household’s email address. Are the adults in your household using the same email address? If yes, complete the next step.
  3. Provide a new email address for the secondary parent/caregiver.
  4. This is also good time to confirm the school we have listed for your Girl Scout(s) is correct.  
  • Girl Scout staff members also will be unable to access any member systems during the downtime. This means we will be unable to help you in the VTK, make troop changes, change contact information, complete background checks, add volunteer roles, or perform other similar tasks.
  • All members and volunteers should watch for an email from Girl Scouts in early December announcing the debut of our refreshed member account management system, updated login information, and instructions on how to access their refreshed Girl Scout account (myAccount) .


Looker, the service unit admin team reporting resource, will be unavailable from November 20 through December 7.

  • Volunteers who use Looker should download a copy of the reports used. In some instances, you may be able to use the most recent data available to meet your needs.

Background Check Processing and Screening

Background checks will be unavailable for processing and screening from Nov. 18-Dec. 7. If a volunteer’s background check is incomplete prior to Nov. 18 you will have to hold on volunteer activities until post Go-Live when eligibility status has been confirmed.

  • All volunteers who have received an invitation from the background check vendor to complete (or renew) their background check should submit their background check prior to November 14 to allow time for processing.

As Go-Live approaches we want you – our members and volunteers – to know that we will be here to guide you through the transition from beginning to end!

And, help us spread the word! Please share this information with other Girl Scout members. It’s very important that everyone knows that MY GS, the VTK, and Looker will be unavailable from November 18 through December 7 in order to ensure everyone is prepared.

Thank you for your patience while we work to enhance your Girl Scout member experience. We’re excited to support you through the transition and welcome you to our new member platform!

Contact Customer Care with any questions.

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