A Complete List of ALL the Cookie Tips for the Girl Scout Cookie Season!

Now is the perfect time to join the Girl Scout Cookie fun and use all the tips provided to super-power your sale this season! This time of year, there are more ways than ever to participate and reach your goals! Plus, don’t forget that rewards are cumulative, so keep your eye on the prize!

Is your troop hosting cookie booths? Are you selling online with Digital Cookie? Did you know you can still take orders through the Goal Getter Program?

We have a host of tips that we can share with you all to make this cookie season the best one to reach your goals! Check out posts on our blog plus utilize the following resources from Little Brownie Bakers (LBB)!

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Selling Tips for Girls via LBB
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Booth Tips for COVID-19!

Our Girls are definitely thinking outside the box when it comes to their cookie sales. They know it’s possible to play it safe by following the COVID guidelines and with the help of an adult can run their cookie business using many social distancing methods. Check out these tips:

  • Booth Sleuth: In-person booths with social distance signage and a creative booth set up where a Girl Scout can package the order while the adult manages the hand off and payment transaction. Hosting a virtual booth site is an option too and it enables girls to be creative and have fun!
  • Print a created QR code to your Digital Cookie site on labels and add to every box, or add to thank you card. Especially for any box delivered
  • Contactless Deliveries: Schedule a porch drop with your customer or consider trunk pick-ups.
  • Set Up a Cookie Drive Thru: Work with a local business to secure a safe location like a parking lot and offer a “drive thru” service.
  • When considering order and payment options, use the Digital Cookie App. You can also use a credit card processing app like Clover – scan the customer’s credit card without touching it or another money sharing app giving customers additional no-contact payment options. Cash transactions can be collected in an envelope, keeping 6 feet apart and with a gloved hand you can retrieve the money with minimal customer contact.
  • Are one of the adults in your life on more zoom calls than ever? Ask if your Girl Scout can make a presentation on that zoom call and sell cookies. (Girl Scout should have a payment and delivery plan in place before the presentation). What a great way for your Girl Scout to learn new skills!
  • Stay safe! Wear a face mask, use hand sanitizer, and follow COVID guidelines
  • Cookie Tip: Don’t forget Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Girl Scout cookies are a sweet treat for that special Valentine’s Day. Wrap a bow around a couple of boxes and add a notecard too.
  • Contacting banks and use their drive-through lanes after hours to host a drive-through booth!
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Extra Tips for Extra Fun!

  1. Create a recipe exchange and share your cookie creations! Check out this awesome video for inspiration!
  2. Stick with the classics: grab that wagon, fill it with cookies and walk around your neighborhoods.
  3. Turn it into a social distance or virtual cookie party! Pitch your cookie sales to friends and family both near and far.
  4. For those who don’t want to consume the cookies themselves, dedicate one day of sales to Gift of Caring: Call 10 people and ask them to simply order cookies that the girls can deliver to essential workers or a nursing home. 
  5. Share with the class: In your virtual classrooms break out the cookies as a snack or ask your teacher to give you five minutes for a cookie pitch!
  6. Create cookie thank you cards to attach to each box sold.  Include your troop’s QR code in case folks want to buy more.
  7. Sign up to sell at several booths and ask the girls to uniquely decorate each with a separate theme!
  8. Reach out to a car dealership to buy cookies from your troop and then giving those cookies to each person who comes in and does a test drive.

Every Girl Scout in Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana benefits from the Girl Scout Cookie Program. Whether it’s a trip to a breathtaking place they’ve never been, an opportunity to attend Girl Scout camp and revel in the power of the great outdoors, or the chance to try something new, every experience helps them find the G.I.R.L. ( Go-Getter, Innovator, Risk-Taker, Leader)™ within to do amazing things for herself and for her community.

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