Take Earth Day to the Next Level with GSGCNWI!

Instead of just one day during the month of April, we are spending the entire month celebrating! 

Today, millions of people around the world celebrate Earth Day by taking action, advocating, and learning how to help the Earth! We invite you to join in with the millions of other people and join in on the celebration–– and we have plenty for you to do. 

Catch up on some activities we had to celebrate the day’s 50th Anniversary last year (and some new activities too): 

  1. Play Earth Day Bingo 
  1. Watch our Earth Week 2020 Video Series 
  1. Check out these patches and challenges: 
  1. Earn your Green for Good mini patches by completing the activities listed below (or come up with your own activities that fit the themes!): 
  • Power Button – Turn off your lights; unplug your appliances when you go to bed  
  • Recycle – Recycle cardboard, glass and paper; try to buy less plastic; learn to compost  
  • Butterfly – Make a pollinator habitat; raise monarch butterflies 
  • Paw Print – Visit an animal shelter; leave no trace when you go on a hike; pick up trash  
  • Water Drop – Don’t leave your water running; pick up trash around the river  
  • Tree – Plant a tree; identify different types of trees in your neighborhood or community  
  • Bread Tab – Recycle your plastic waste; reuse plastic items and turn them into something new  
  • Bee – Make a bee habitat; go to a farmer’s market to support local farmers  
  • Sun – Hang your clothes in the sun to dry; buy a solar powered item; identify solar powered buildings or structures in your neighborhood  

Then, make sure to get the corresponding mini patch (found on our shop site)! Thank you to the Nature Conservancy for the research and information to guide our pledge!

  1. Register for these eco-themed programs: 
  • Junior Girl Scouts are invited to jump start their Simple Meals badge and join Bethany of Ms. Bethany’s School of Cooking for a virtual pizza party on April 23! 

Climate change is the single most serious threat facing our planet today. This is why we all have a part to play, and as Girl Scouts, we make a promise to protect the environment. Let’s make good on that promise in 2021! 

If you participate in any of these programs or activities, you can earn your Green for Good Patch! Purchase the patch on our shop site!  

For additional resources on planet protecting and eco-advocacy, visit our website. 

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