Girl Scout Completes Bronze Award by Creating Fitness Program for Kids

Girl Scout Completes Bronze Award by Creating Fitness Program for Kids

Girl Scout Cadette, Kailee Robinson, saw the toll the pandemic was taking on not only her, but also kids everywhere. Social interactions were altered or put on pause, and people were restricted to the indoors and not being as active as they could be.

Kailee wanted to help people find strength during trying times. She began to work with her father, a personal trainer, to learn proper technique, study nutrition, and create workout plans to share with her peers. Kailee used her passion for fitness to create KR’s Kids Fit Patch Program- a virtual platform where people can engage in everyday workouts that keep you active and allow you to “Play hard and live long!” – the KR’s Kids Fit motto.

Check out Kailee showcasing her passion below:

In order to receive a KR’s Kids Fit patch, participants will need to go through a series of activities that include watching some of Kailee’s fitness video’s on Youtube to get a feel for the type of exercise you can expect to be doing while in the program, attending a free LIVE workout session with Kailee herself, and sharing what you’ve learned with family and friends. The program also includes education and activities centered around how to incorporate healthy eating into your everyday lifestyle.

Get Involved

Participate in Kailee’s KR’s Kids Fit Patch Program and start your journey towards healthy living today!

Prospective participants can visit our GCNWI Patch Program webpage and search for KR’s Kids fit to get started.

Once all of the KR’s Kids Fit program activities have been completed, families can order their patch at the Girl Scouts GCNWI shop.

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