Meet the Volunteers Who Explore, Blaze New Trails, and Inspire as Changemakers

Thousands of incredible volunteers routinely show Girl Scouts what it means to be unstoppable.

Girl Scout volunteers put their skills to good use and develop new ones; build community and connection; and make a meaningful, lasting difference for future generations of Girl Scouts through mentorship. Volunteers meet Girl Scouts where they are and respond to what they want and need, using care, knowledge, and experience to guide the way without dictating it. Volunteers’ talents and experiences can change girls’ lives.

From troop leader to service unit cookie manager, the list of amazing people volunteering their time and talents is long. In honor of Volunteer Appreciation Month, we would like to introduce you to a few of the explorers, trailblazers, changemakers, and stargazers that our members called to our attention.

Meet Michelle

Michelle is a fearless volunteer who raised her hand four years ago when her daughter’s troop needed a new troop leader. Michelle was eager to learn more about the product program side of Girl Scouts, so she started volunteering at the Joliet Cookie Cupboard. Two years later, Michelle became a service unit manager. As a troop leader, Cookie Cupboard volunteer, and service unit manager, Michelle is a true champion for girls. Girl Scouts GCWNI thanks you for making a meaningful and lasting difference for Girl Scouts through your mentorship and dedication.

Meet Monica

Monica boldly stepped up to be troop leader five years ago and has been empowering girls ever since! Monica has gone above and beyond by becoming a troop fall product and cookie manager. She sorted out all the girl’s rewards and made sure each girl got the rewards they earned as she fearlessly led them through years of cookie and fall product seasons. Monica used her talents to hand-sew all the patches on each girl’s vest in her troop. We are extremely grateful for volunteers like Monica who pour their heart into making authentic experiences for girls and truly making a difference in their lives. Girl Scouts GCWNI extends our appreciation to you, Monica, for guiding girls to listen to their heart and showing them what true confidence, courage, and character looks like.

Meet Marissa

Marissa is a lifetime member of Girl Scouts GCNWI and started her leadership journey in 2014 as a troop leader. Today, Marissa leads a multi-level troop, where she guides girls to be their most authentic selves. On top of her work as a troop leader, Marissa is also a service unit manager. Her dedication to living out the Girl Scout Mission is powerful and inspiring. Not only is it inspiring to the Girl Scouts in her service unit, but to adults as well. Her confidence, courage, and character have inspired others to become new troop leaders. Girl Scouts GCNWI thanks you, Marissa, for your outstanding leadership, years of service in Girl Scouts, and for living the Girl Scout Mission daily.

New volunteers may not realize the impact they have, so it is important for us to let you know that each one of you plays a vital role in showing girls how to be courageous and navigate life when challenges arise.

The volunteers mentioned above were submitted by Girl Scout GCNWI community members. If you’d like to highlight a stand-out volunteer, we’d love to hear about them. You can do so by clicking here. You can also head to our Facebook and Instagram  pages to see more incredible volunteers highlighted in our stories and posts.

Happy Volunteer Appreciation Month to all Girl Scout volunteers; we couldn’t do it without you!

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