How to Manage Your Girl Scout Troop Virtually… Like a BOSS: Tips from a Troop Leader

Shift the Lens on Girl Scout Volunteering: Part 1

The possibilities are endless with the way girls and their leaders are staying connected through Girl Scouts. Maintaining routines are important to a girl’s development, and this troop leader has shifted the lens on the way she engages with her girls, proving a pandemic doesn’t have to stop them from receiving a true Girl Scout experience!

Girl Scout Troop Leader Marissa leads a troop of Girl Scout Cadettes (grades 6-8) and has continued to meet bi-weekly on a virtual platform since the shelter-in-place ordinance began in March 2020. Each meeting, Marissa thought of fun, interactive activities to keep the girls engaged while learning and earning Girl Scout badges organically. Check out this newscast her troop created to participate in the Cadette Media Journey.

Marissa’s strategy to maintaining a virtual troop: “Take one big project and break it up into several meetings. The newscast project took up at least three meetings: one to give the girls a chance to plan, the second to rehearse, and the third to record,” she says.

Below Marissa shares more tips on how to manage a Girl Scout troop meeting like a boss!

Utilize breakout rooms

“Badge work can become a bit tedious for girls sometimes and they need a change of pace every 15 minutes or so,” Marissa says. “Use the breakout room feature  to help them release energy by having a friendly chat or playing games. Our troop did a virtual escape room and did fun quizzes using an app called Kahoot.” 

The breakout room feature is available through Zoom, which your troop can get for FREE when 90% of your girls renew by August 31! Learn more.

Understand your audience

Girls may experience remote learning in different ways. Think about what you can do to keep that girl engaged. “Consider mailing or safely delivering an activity packet to the family at home so that she can review it on her own before we come together as a group,” Marissa says.

Don’t be afraid to adjust badge requirements

“If your troop is working towards a badge, don’t be afraid to scale the requirements to cater to your girls, especially if you have a multi-level troop. They can organically earn badges by just participating in an activity that is along the same lines as a badge requirement,” Marissa says.

Marissa shared these virtual activities ideas for your troop to enjoy!

  • Find a fun, interactive virtual escape room to participate in to earn this escape room fun patch
  • Play online games and quizzes or even make up your own (such as Kahoot!)
  • Do your own newscast! Check out these quick instructions

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Create Your Own Newscast!

Follow these instructions to create your very own newscast. Renew your membership today and try it at your first back-to-troop meeting!

Objective: Create a feel-good news show

Time Limit: 10-15 minutes

Each girl has to play a role (someone can be a producer or a writer if they aren’t comfortable with being in front of camera).

Name your news show and include the following segments:

  • Opening from the anchor. Think of this like an introduction to an essay. Remember to include your name and your TV station. (Think: “Good Evening, this is Cheryl Burton with ABC 7 News“).
  • 1-3 feel-good stories
  • 1 or 2 sports or entertainment news
  • A breaking news story. Create a script to follow and come up with a breaking news story related to Girl Scouts (i.e. cookie donation drive announcements, first in-person meeting under newly expanded guidelines, etc.)
  • Closing from the anchor. Some anchors have fun with their sign-off, such as, “Good Night and Good Luck!” or and “that’s the way it is!

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