Automotive Engineering Badges for Girls K-5!

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There’s never been a better time for girls to practice strong leadership, learn new skills, and nurture their budding self-confidence. And with 9 new badges in Automotive Engineering for girls in grades K-5, industrious Girl Scouts looking for new challenges will be ready to take on the world like never before.

Read on to learn about our new Automotive Engineering badges for Girl Scout Daisies, Brownies, and Juniors!

Automotive Engineering for Daisies

Daisies looking for an introduction to car manufacturing, design, and engineering should look to our new badges made just for them. Girl Scouts, in the Automotive Engineering badge series, have the chance to learn the parts of vehicles, how to sketch, sculpt, and test prototypes, create engineering plans, and even learn about and make their own assembly lines!

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Automotive Engineering for Brownies

The engineering fun doesn’t stop there! Girl Scout Brownies, for their Automotive Engineering badges, will explore transportation and mobility, simple and compound machines, efficiency, and quality assurance. The girls will expand upon these lessons by building engineering plans and prototypes for emergency vehicles!

Find the Brownie Automotive Design, Manufacturing, and Engineering badges on our online shop.

Automotive Engineering for Juniors

Juniors ready to take their car smarts to the next level should try out these new badges, where they’ll explore the future of mobility and automotive design. Girls will learn about specialized vehicles, market research, and environmental sustainability, culminating in an engineering plan for an alternative fuel vehicle!

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Let’s Hit the Road!

The importance of teaching girls and young women the skills to take their interests from dreams to reality cannot be understated. To empower girls with the ability to make waves in male-dominated industries: this is the Girl Scout Mission, and these badges are just the start!

You can find requirements and instructions for earning these new badges in the Volunteer Toolkit. Visit our Girl Scout shop to purchase the new badges and packets!

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