Member Monday: Leading the Way!

Our Girl Scout troop leaders are more than just leaders: they are exemplary role models to their girls and pillars of their communities. Our troop leaders take difficult situations and turn them into enriching, memorable experiences for girls across the council.

We had to chance to talk to two troop leaders from Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana (GCNWI), leaders who took “pivoting” to the next level this year and stood strong for their Girl Scouts. Read on to meet Jeneya and Kerri, just two of GCNWI’s outstanding troop leaders!

Stepping Out of the Box

Girl Scout Troop 65708 making cookie care packages for essential workers

“I became a leader out of necessity,” leader of Cadette Troop 65708, Jeneya Hampton, explained. Jeneya stepped up to the role when her daughter bridged to Brownies and needed a troop leader. “I’m the leader that didn’t want to be a leader, but I soon found that it has truly become a ministry. I decided to just jump in with both feet.”

Now, after five years with the girls, Jeneya knows the true value of the leadership position. “I’ve learned more from the girls than I initially thought I would… I tell anybody, ‘Yes, it’s work, commitment, dedication,’” but to Jeneya, the work is absolutely worth it. Jeneya explained, “Girl Scouting is especially important for African-American girls… I made it a point to be more visible in the community because we do exist.”

This year, Jeneya is continuing to push, challenge, and keep the girls engaged as they all navigate unexpected turns. “As leaders, these challenges give us an opportunity to step up and step out of the box and be creative.” Jeneya listens to the girls and lets them take the lead in brainstorming the troop’s goals and plans for the year. “It’s important to listen to what they want to do, to support what their ideas are.”

And Jeneya is not afraid to change course and be a little unconventional; “Normally I have the whole year planned out, but it’s not that type of year… I may not run my troop like others, but it works for my girls.” Now, Jeneya leads a combination in-person and virtual troop, and the girls have plenty of plans to serve their community throughout this Girl Scout year.

“What types of things can we instill in our girls so they walk away with something? It doesn’t have to be a huge lightbulb moment, but even just a small flicker, or just some inspiration to step out there,” Jeneya advises, is essential.

Setting up for Success

Daisy Troop 75783, co-lead by Kerri Kinnett, is on the way to a fun and successful year of Girl Scouting, Kerri’s excitement and enthusiasm plays a huge part. “This year, as second year Daisies, the girls are most excited about just being together and keeping connected. It is so important for our girls to remain friends, as they are experiencing quite a shift in the universe at such a young age.”

For this troop, meeting in-person (masked and socially distanced) makes the most sense, and the girls have been enjoying the combination of virtual opportunities, in-person meetings, and outdoor get-togethers at state parks. “We are so proud of our girls for keeping up with the guidelines and having such positive attitudes… We have such a brave group of girls, and they look forward to making memories together.”

“It is an attitude of empowerment, that no matter what we face, we can shift our attitude to succeed! Our purpose as leaders is to teach our Scouts to bring a little more beauty to the world, and I love Girl Scouts, for it brings a light to my soul to see these young ladies working and growing as a team.”

Thank you to Jeneya and Kerri for sharing your leadership wisdom with us!

Zoom Licenses Are Now Available!

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