Girl Scout Troop Connects Over Art!

Troop 40048 with their collaborative creation

Girl Scout troops are staying connected as best they can, and they are coming up with some beautiful, imaginative ways to come together! Girl Scout Seniors from Troop 40048, who are currently working on the GIRLtopia Journey, completed a fantastic art project as a part of the Journey, and as you can see, the results were fantastic, even though the girls worked separately on their own time.

Read on to hear directly from the troop how they put together this amazing work of art, and how they’re staying connected through difficult times.

The Power of Friendship

“My group really likes working together,” troop leader Patty explained. “These girls are very bonded to each other. When we come together as Girl Scouts, they really enjoy collaboration.” Their tight friendship inspired Patty to challenge the girls with a group art project, with each girl completing two squares to form a portrait of artist Frida Kahlo. “You can see how it unraveled. It was very cool to see their personalities in the different squares.”

Girl Scout Audrey explained further: “It’s kind of a representation of our relationship as a troop because we’ve known each other for years.” For these girls, connecting with each other has become more important than ever. “Just being able to see that handful of my friends a couple times every few months was so grounding, and reminded me that I have people that care about me.”

Zoe agreed: “It was really nice to see familiar faces,” and Audrey continued, “Normal friend groups obviously don’t have scheduled meetings, but it’s really nice to have this. [Girl Scouts] is something that’s always there for you.” Even as restrictions on meeting in person continue to tighten, “we’ve always found a way to stay together– that’s how important we are to each other,” Samantha shared. Jahnavi added, “These are lifelong friends.”

“When you come to Girl Scouts, you see people who know you for you,” Violet added, “especially being on Zoom all day long with your classes.” Clearly, Girl Scouts is valuable to these girls. Julia believes Girl Scouts is a great way to set yourself up for the future, Brooke has enjoyed the leadership opportunities presented to her, and to Pavithra, “the most valuable part of Girl Scouting is friendship.”

“I’ve seen so much growth,” Patty reflected, “and that is just remarkable to me.”

Great job to these girls! We love your art work and hearing about your amazing friendship!

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