Thinking Outside of the Booth: 10 Ways to Sell Cookies Digitally

It’s time to get ready for cookie season, and we have 10 ways to help inspire you as you go digital this season! While this year may be a little different compared to others, there is no reason we can’t be creative and “think outside of the cookie booth.”  

Read on to get some cookie-selling inspo for the upcoming season: 

  1. Get creative on social media! Use TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and emails to get the word out. (REMINDER: You are not allowed to advertise cookie sales on public sales forums, like Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Garage Sale forums, Craigslist, etc.) 
  1. Contact family, friends, and others directly, and ask them to spread the word, too! A lot can travel by word of mouth! 
  1. Take photos and videos to promote your sales, and don’t reign in your imagination! Take this Girl Scout for example she covered “Redbone” by Childish Gambino to sell her cookies!  
  1. Personalize your Digital Cookie site with what make YOU unique and memorable! Add a video, your personal mission statement, and what you or your troop plans on doing with the money earned!
  1. Use our council’s Trefoil filter, and search Girl Scout Cookie Filters on Instagram to spice up your posts and stories. 
  1. You can also use social posts made by Little Brownie Bakers to amplify your sales! 
  1. Reasearch how to make the most of your social media profiles! And use these pointers from GSUSA, too. 
  1. Use QR codes and to your advantage! This will make it extra easy to get people to your Digital Cookie site—contact free! See tip #9 for how you can utilize these! 
  1. Make your own door hangers, street signs, and lawn signs with your personalized link or QR code to generate some organic traffic! Make your own or buy them from our shop in our cookie kits!
  1. Learn how to set up a Virtual Cookie Booth with this resource from GSUSA! 

Check out these social media tips from Girl Scouts of Northern California: 

Learn more about Girl Scout Cookies and how to participate on our site!

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