Girl Scouts Imagine A Better World For Girls!

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Girl Scouts have expansive imaginations and they envision a better world for girls– a world where girls can be treated equally, where girls are courageous to do what they want, where girls take risks and break new ground, shattering stereotypes. Through the GIRLtopia Journey, Girl Scout troop 42614 imagined a better world for girls: let’s learn more about their work and how they are joining the fight for social justice, all over Zoom.

Making the Future, One Step at a Time

A GIRLtopia is an ideal world that girls create, a place where everyone is accepting and uplifting, with equality for all ages, genders, and races. The girls, as part of their Journey, wrote poetry, came up with qualities that define visionaries, including open mindedness, power and faith, determination, and respect, and thought deeply about gender based injustice.

The girls had plenty of answers to what they want to see in the world: free healthcare, free feminine products (“because we can’t control that about our bodies, so why should we have to pay for that?”) and no more stereotypes restricting girls. “People should be able to express themselves and not be judged,” Katherine added, and Emilee continued, “Any girl should be able to wear what they want.”

Even very serious subjects were broached, with Danielle explaining, “I want safety, so we don’t need to fear just going outside past nine o’clock.” Natalie: “I think everyone should be paid equally for the same work.”

And these more than just a dream: this is an attainable goal that is coming to fruition as we move into the future.”50.2% of the college-educated workforce are women, and every year the women that receive STEM degrees increases by over 50,000 individuals. Things are finally changing, but we need YOUR Help to keep this energy going,” the girls wrote in their presentation.

“When we were Brownies and Daisies, we didn’t realize how powerful our voices could be. We want you to know you can make a real change in the world at any age.”

With opportunities to become a completely virtual or hybrid troop comes amazing experiences that would not have been otherwise possible. That’s what Girl Scouts provides: chances to change the world, to live through important moments, to change the present AND the future.

You can join a virtual troop right now: learn more.

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