Adventure to the World Centres: Our Cabaña Mexico!

While the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) World Centres are closed, you can still take a trip there from your own backyard! Try your hand at a new recipe, drive by a nearby place of worship, or learn a new dance move all while learning about where the World Centres are located in this blog series.

Our Cabaña is located in Cuernavaca, Mexico. Get to know Mexican culture by doing some of these.

  1. Order in from a traditional Mexican restaurant in your neighborhood. Try a dish you’ve never had before – whether that’s tacos, horchata, or beef tongue stew!
  2. Hop in your car or on the train to Pilsen, a neighborhood in Chicago well known for its Mexican heritage. GSGCNWI even has a Neighborhood Walk you can take and a patch you can purchase for visiting Pilsen.
  3. Day of the Dead is celebrated in Mexico on Nov. 1 and 2. It’s a time to honor deceased loved ones through altars and offerings. Learn more about this holiday with our Day of the Dead patch program (purchase your patch here). Hint: You don’t have to wait until November to celebrate!
  4. Time to learn a little Spanish, Mexico’s national language. Here are a few phrases you should know:
    • Hola = Hola
    • Adios = Goodbye
    • Uno Dos Tres = One Two Three
    • Gracias = Thank you
    • ¿Cómo estás? = How are you?
  5. Churros are a famous – and very delicious – Mexican dessert. Find a recipe online and make them at home.
  6. Do you love to dance? Vamos a bailar (that’s “Let’s dance” in Spanish)! There are several traditional Mexican dances; read about and watch videos of the various dances. Get those dancing shoes on, amigos!
  7. If you’d rather make the music than dance to it, make a maraca. All you need is a plastic spoon, plastic Easter egg, some dry rice or beans, and either masking or painters’ tape. Add some rice or beans to the Easter egg, place it on the spoon, and tape the two together. You can decorate the outside to look like a beautifully colored instrument. Turn on some mariachi music and shake away!
  8. Check out Our Cabaña on their website, Facebook, or Instagram. A girl can dream about where she wants to travel, can’t she?

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