Prepare Your Girl for Kindergarten with the Girl Scout Daisy Launch!

As a rising kindergartner, your girl will begin to discover her own abilities, emotions and interests—and Girl Scouts is here to help!

Consider Girl Scouts to be your one-stop-shop to building your rising kindergartener’s social skills, boosting her confidence, and providing that extra bit of stability in this ever-changing world with our Girl Scout kindergarten readiness program, also known as Daisy Launch.

Similar to what Girl Scout Daisies do, the Daisy launch readiness program will allow her to make new friends, grow in confidence, and build skills that will help her in school and beyond. 

You can also purchase a Welcome Daisy Troop Leader Kit or a Welcome Daisy Family Kit when you register.

How Daisy Launch will Prepare Her for Kindergarten

Our virtual program is designed to promote successful learning by aligning early childhood instruction with opportunities for exploration, discovery, and problem solving.

The Daisy Launch program also addresses key competencies needed for kindergarten, such as strengthening her social and emotional development and her approach to learning, increasing her motor skills and physical development, and improving her language and literacy skills.

By participating in the Daisy Launch program your girl can:

  1. Spark initiative and curiosity about the world around her
  2. Learn techniques on how to manage her emotions and behaviors
  3. Feel comfortable with following class rules and routines and will learn to do things for herself
  4. Retain information and will be flexible in her thinking in order to perform a task
  5. Maintain focus with little to no adult support

Join us for our next Daisy Launch event and even try a Girl Scout program for free!

Let our team of dedicated staff help jumpstart her education and catapult her into lifelong success! Her dreams are our dreams, and we can’t wait to make them come true together.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

Purchase a Welcome Daisy Troop Leader Kit or a Welcome Daisy Family Kit when you register. Check out all our kits here!

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