Girl Scouts Show Up in a Special Way for Silver Award Project 

Girl Scouts from Troop 55209, Autumn, Reily, and Sophia, prove that when Girl Scouts work together, they can accomplish some pretty amazing things! These Girl Scouts recently contacted the Northern Illinois Food Bank and learned about their need to improve the Food Bank. While brainstorming with the Food Bank, the Girl Scouts learned about a Founder’s Day Ceremony for the Food Bank’s 40th Anniversary. The ceremony would recognize the Food Bank’s founder, Sister Rosemarie Burian.  

With their passion for plants and pollinators, the Girl Scouts created the most special Silver Award project for the Food Bank. They got to work by planting vegetables and flowers, painting stepping stones, and building a bench to honor Sister Rosemarie to give the Food Bank’s garden area a new look.  

This was no easy task; it required lots of physical work, including digging the weeds and transforming multiple garden beds. 

“It was challenging when we had to weed and when we had to dig and break through roots, but I learned that I like planting,” said Girl Scout Reily. 

But Girl Scouts don’t give up when challenges face them. Instead, they lead with courage, confidence, and character. 

“What I learned about myself was that I didn’t give up when the dirt gave me a hard time,” said Girl Scout Sophia.  

To fund the project, the Girl Scouts used their cookie sale proceeds. They purchased stepping stones, paint, terracotta pots, and flowers. The girls also connected with Amazon’s Community Outreach Program to help fund the herbs, vegetable plants, and flowers they planted. 

“Working with the other girls was nice to develop teamwork skills and communication. A hard part was initially figuring out what to do for the project. I enjoyed the project because it gives to the community, helps nature, and I could be creative,” said Girl Scout Autumn.  

Julie Yurko, President and CEO of Northern Illinois Food Bank, thanked the Girl Scouts during the dedication ceremony, “We are grateful to Autumn, Reily, and Sophia from Girl Scout Troop 55209! These remarkable young women have a vision of a healthy and beautiful community, and they put that vision into action, just as Sister Rosemarie did 40 years ago. We love that the original Food Bank was in Carol Stream and that your troop is from Carol Stream. It brings this full circle in a lovely way.” 

  The Girl Scouts’ dedication to improving the Food Bank’s garden is truly inspiring. Their hard work and passion have helped make the nonprofit’s space more beautiful for everyone to enjoy while also honoring the person who made the Food Bank possible. Through their Silver Award project, the Girl Scouts have demonstrated that they are on a mission to change the world, one project at a time. Congratulations to Autumn, Reily, and Sophia on a job well done! 

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