Summer Camp Revamp Rewind: STEAM, Dreams, & Ice Cream!

The first week of Summer Camp Revamp kicked off last Monday, July 6, to everyone’s excitement! Girls from across Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana (GCNWI) got together to explore STEAM, Dreams, and Ice Cream, all from home, and from the looks of it, our girls were really in their element.

Read on to learn more about Summer Camp Revamp and what the Girl Scouts got up to last week!

Sweet Salad Science

The Summer Camp Revamp girls started the week with a webinar all about the Lifecycle of a Salad! They tracked the various cycles of vegetables, from harvest to food scraps, and discovered how plants and worms receive nutrients from the earth. They also had a little dinner party for themselves AND some worms by making delicious salads and composting the scraps! Check out Girl Scout Scarlett’s yummy-looking salad (and Sami’s empty bowl!).

I Scream for STEAM!

Day 2 of STEAM, Dreams and Ice Cream week was all about harnessing science to make yummy foods! The girls also used the power of chemical reactions to make delicious treats, like ice cream, edible marshmallow putty, and more. Making ice cream by hand is a workout, but the results looked delicious!

The girls followed up those experiments by exploring weather systems and different creative art projects–– Scarlett made a rainbow in a jar, and they also experimented with lightning!

In Their Element

Girls continued participating in awesome STEAM activities like making slime, cooking homemade pasta, experimenting with soda and Mentos, and more! The girls loved working with these fun programs that got the outdoors and their brains working to come up with new scientific discoveries to make at home!

Girl Scout Member Moment!

While we keep up with Summer Camp Revamp, our Member Monday blog series is paused, but this week, we are featuring Girl Scout Brownie Troop 55567, who bridged up to Brownies this spring! Check out their amazing virtual Bridging Ceremony above! Congratulations to these girls for making their way up the Girl Scout ladder.

Join us for Mastering Mystery Week!

Interested in joining the Summer Camp Revamp fun? Join us for Mastering Mystery Week from July 27- 31! Follow the clues to solve a Girl Scout mystery! Use all your senses as we work together to crack codes, take fingerprints, and explore our surroundings.

Register for Mastering Mystery Week by Jul. 20.

Learn more about Summer Camp Revamp and how you can become a part of the fun!

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Member Monday Round-Up: Peace Love & Girl Scouts

Photo submitted by Samiha from GCNWI Staff

It’s officially the first week of Summer Camp Revamp, and summertime with Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana (GCNWI) is in full swing! And it seems like our girls are moving at the speed of light, keeping up with weekly virtual troop meetings, completing badges, Highest Awards, service and good deeds, even organizing their own events! We have to hand it to the Girl Scouts; they really know how to get things done.

We have some awesome Girl Scout stories to share–– read on!

Let’s Hear It for the Girls!

Girl Scout Troop 65646

Girl Scout troops are still celebrating the end of a year full of accomplishments, but they’ve had to get creative! These Daisy, Brownie, and Junior girls stopped by their leader’s “Rainbow Porch” to pick up their badges, cookie prizes, and other goodies, and move up to the next level of Girl Scouting. Congratulations to Troop 65646, and all Girl Scouts from GCNWI, on a great year!

Girl Scouts haven’t let distance stop them from staying connected and earning badges. When troop meetings went virtual, this dedicated handful of girls from Troop 45133 kept meeting, and they earned up to 12 badges in 12 weeks! The most popular badge with this group was the Junior Detective badge, where they extracted DNA from strawberries, dusted for fingerprints, and solved a mystery with bags of physical “evidence.” So cool! They’re looking forward to meeting in person again someday, but they’ll stay connected with their sister Girl Scouts all summer long!

Girl Scout Service Spotlight

Girl Scouts have also continued to provide service and resources to essential workers and people in need–– and one very special Girl Scout, Olivia T. from Chicago, IL, was recently featured on My TODAY Plaza’s Celebrates America series for going above and beyond for her service to the community.

Olivia, during her stay-at-home time, fueled by her passion and inspired by her parents, started her own non-profit to ensure people without masks, especially those without homes, can get them for free. Her determination and kindness for her community had a huge impact–– watch the video above (her story starts at the 1:55 mark) to learn more about her efforts.

Troop 45116 raised money through their cookie booths for donations–– they were poised to donate their cookies to a free community dinner hosted in Park Ridge before everything was rescheduled. Instead, the girls donated 50 boxes of cookies to Lutheran General Hospital, and 30 boxes to the Maine Township Food Pantry, along with thank you notes to the healthcare workers.

The troop was also nearing completion of the aMuse Journey when they had to shift gears to virtual meetings, but the girls stayed on track and finished the Journey, making a video about breaking down negative stereotypes against women in the sports world! The girls are now ready to tackle their Bronze Award next year!

Check out this tweet from the Franklin School Library in Grayslake, IL: it looks like Girl Scout Troop 45315 has something cooking!

Thank you to all the amazing girls who have shared their stories with us–– we are forever impressed and proud of you!

Take the Spotlight!

Tell us all about your plans, ideas, and dreams, whether you’re joining us for Summer Camp Revamp, thinking up a big way to help your community, or coming out with the next great American novel––share your story with us on our website or on social media @GirlScoutsGCNWI.

As a girl-led organization, we wholeheartedly support the passion and desire Girl Scouts have for seeking justice and making change. Our Girl Scouts and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access page now has a living list of resources for girls to start on that path.

Looking for something fun to do with your troop or on your own? The Girl Scouts from Home page is full of Badge How-To’s, videos, and more resources you can access from home!

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Member Monday Round-Up: Stories of Sisterhood

Members of Girl Scouts Troop 40681 help troop leader Deborah Beauford, top, hang a mural created by troop members at the Harrer Park pavilion. (John J. Kim / Chicago Tribune)

Another Monday, which means another week full of stories from our local Girl Scouts to share! Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana (GSGCNWI) is ready for a season jam-packed with activities–– between Summer Camp Revamp, our virtual programming, and Girl Scouts from Home resources (and whatever else comes up), Girl Scouts are gearing up for a summer full of exploration and growth.

Girl Scouts are also staying dedicated to service and sisterhood, modeling what it really means to be a sister to every Girl Scout and every girl. Read on for some good Girl Scout news!

Girl Scouts Standing For More

Members of Girl Scouts Troop 40681 (John J. Kim / Chicago Tribune)

When it comes to fighting for justice and liberation, Girl Scouts are experts. These Girl Scouts from Troop 40681 are no exception–– for their Silver Award, the girls decided to step up and advocate for the very pressing and long-lasting issue of racism in the United States.

To do this, they took on the task of speaking to community leaders and educating themselves in order to create an “action resource guide,” including steps on how to call for racial justice on the individual level. The girls then hosted a Black Lives Matter demonstration in their community, featuring speakers, performers, and a moment of silence in honor of George Floyd’s life, which was unjustly ended on May 25, 2020.

Girl Scout Kailey, when speaking to the Chicago Tribune, noted: “Black Lives Matter is an issue for everyone,” Lopez said. “It’s not a Democratic issue or a Republican issue. It’s not a partisan issue. It’s a human issue.”

To listen to the calls of their community and country, to educate themselves, to take action, and to promise to continue the hard work toward racial equity––this is exactly what Girl Scouts promise to do, to make the world a better place.

Sunny Days and STEM

Exploring nature and appreciating the outdoors has never been more valuable––check out Girl Scout Makayla and her dad, Joseph, observing a bird building its nest! There are so many interesting things happening outside all the time in nature, but they can be hard to catch, so awesome job for spotting this beautiful moment!

Looking for something a little more technological? Check out our National Security Patch for Girl Scout Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors, which was created back in 2016 in partnership with Girl Security, an organization dedicated to providing women with training and placement in the field of national security.

Love STEAM but missing camp? Spots are still open for Summer Camp Revamp’s STEAM, Dreams and Ice Cream week taking place July 6-10. Sign her up for activities that will inspire both her inner chef and scientist!

Girl Scout Service Spotlight: Cards 4 COVID Heroes!

Cards collected by Girl Scouts Mantej S. and Prabhleen K. at at

Girl Scout service has been happening at lightning speed over the past few months, and not just in our council! Girl Scouts from California, Mantej S. and Prabhleen K., reached out to us about their project, Cards 4 COVID Heroes, where they have been collecting thank-you cards from all over the nation and sending them to hospitals with gift cards. Visit their website to learn more about making or donating cards, or volunteering, and to see pictures of some of the cards they’ve gotten!

Troops are Calling!

Virtual Troop Meetings for Daisies, Brownies, and Juniors are open! Any current Girl Scouts interested in joining a virtual troop can join these troops that meet weekly on Wednesdays at 3:00 p.m. CST!

Dates, times & locations are subject to change based on continued COVID-19 shelter-in-place restrictions.

Have a question? Don’t be shy! Contact us at and ask for Jody Z.

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As a girl-led organization, we support our Girl Scouts’ passion and desire to make a difference within their own communities. Our Girl Scouts and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access page now has a living list of resources for girls to take action, reflect, and learn.

Looking for something fun to do with your troop or on your own? The Girl Scouts from Home page is full of Badge How-To’s, videos, and more resources you can access from home!

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Member Monday Round-Up: Making Memories

Girl Scouts looks different than ever before, but girls from around the council have taken the changes in stride. Our girls have been staying as busy as ever, keeping up every week with virtual programming through our fun webinars, staying in touch by continuing troop meetings, and getting ready for the next school year. The Girl Scout spirit is alive and well!

This summer, the fun of connecting with others, exploring new things, and receiving snail mail combine to create a one-of-a-kind virtual experience for girls! It’s camp, reimagined… it’s Summer Camp Revamp! Learn more about it on our blog! For now, let’s check up on some Girl Scout stories.

Call and Response

Girl Scouts are the definition of sisterhood–– just take a look at Troop 55693 from Naperville! Their big goals and dreams about cookie seasons, badges they wanted to lead and earn, adventures they wanted to take, may be taking different shapes, but their spirit or dedication has remained the same, and their bond and desire to serve others is only getting stronger. Over the course of sheltering in place, this troop met over Zoom and worked on completing adoption day bags for animal shelters!

The girls have also connected on Zoom and other platforms for virtual playdates, movie nights, and even a camp-out. Pictured above are their smile jars, jars full of positive notes to remind each other that they are important, loved, and sisters! They loved making these jars so much, they made 50 more for the community and donated them to the local food pantry, hospital, and nursing home. Amazing job, girls!

Current Girl Scouts are not the only ones sharing stories with us! We recently shared advice from our older Girl Scouts to our younger ones on our Instagram, and a comment from Jill Morison proved how strong the Girl Scout experience can be even years later: “You may not know it now– but you’re building confidence and bravery. I’m a senior leader of my organization and several of my colleagues are also proud Girl Scouts too.”

Speaking of building confidence and bravery, Girl Scout Ambassadors and Seniors from GCNWI and other councils (even Puerto Rico!) have been meeting every Thursday afternoon to do just that! The girls bonded immediately and have covered all sorts of topics together, shared camping and Girl Scout memories, held a virtual prom, even made their own recipe book! The facilitator of these meetings shared with us a screenshot of a message from their group chat, a very powerful message from one girl in the group that is important for every Girl Scout (and every girl) to hear:

We hope you carry this message with you today and always!

Congratulations to the Class of 2020!

Congratulations to the Class of 2020 and to all Girl Scouts transitioning out of the organization! Savor this moment and celebrate your accomplishments.

While we have you, don’t forget you are always welcome back as a volunteer. Girl Scouts also offers a Lifetime Membership for anyone looking to remain committed to the empowerment and of young women and girls, and recent graduates can take advantage of the “young alum” discount!

Also remember we are allowing a one-time extension for 12th graders to use money-earned funds for the next membership year. Read the Graduating Seniors Funds Extension Guidelines for more details.

Sign the Girl Scouts’ Anti-Racism Pledge

Girl Scouts of USA is calling on all of us––girls, volunteers, alums, supporters, families, staff, and our suppliers and service providers––to become an active part of the mission to dismantle systemic racism and anti-Blackness in our country. Sign GSUSA’s Anti-Racism Pledge and visit our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access page to learn more about what GCNWI is doing to combat racism in our own community.

Tell us your Story

Creativity, generosity, and passion are just some of the things you bring to the table in all you do as a Girl Scout! We want to hear your stories of service, joy, and exploration–– tell us below in the comments or share your story with us on our website.

Member Monday Round-Up: Finding Joy

Drawing by Girl Scout Norah L. from Troop 50288

In uncertain and stressful times, Girl Scouts step up and speak up. Girl Scouts advocate for their communities and work fast to provide resources to those who need it. Girl Scouts are resilient and strong–– but they are also girls, children, who deserve to laugh, be silly, and enjoy the present moment in whatever way they can.

These past few weeks (and months) have been very tough on our girls as they adjust to a whole new world of distancing and difficult conversations, but local Girl Scouts continue to find ways to have fun and stay connected to their friends, like all girls should. Read on to learn about what GCNWI Girl Scouts have been doing to stay positive and find joy!

Cookin’ Up Something Good

Girl Scouts have been turning to cooking and food to come together and provide some comfort, and the results look delicious! Troop 20089 got together over Zoom to make challah together: troop leaders distributed hard to come by yeast and flour, and one of the amazing parents walked them through the process! The girls enjoyed the lessons of cooking, stewardship, and sisterhood, and of course the tasty treat at the end.

We’re keeping it going with fun and practical virtual programs for girls of all ages across the council during a time when girls need it most–– check out Girl Scout Cassandra from Troop 45422 participating in the Cooking Demo with Chef Heath! She even used the recipes from that webinar to make the entire a family a full dinner. As Cassandra’s mom told us, “Quarantine has not only been doable because of Girl Scouts–– it’s been fun and productive.”

Girl Scouts from Troop 75439 celebrated National Donut Day by decorating their own donuts–– sounds fun and delicious! Thank you to their leader for sharing these great pictures!

Some Girl Scouts are taking it a step further and catching their own food: check out this Girl Scout Makayla fishing for bass!

Girl Scout Service Spotlight!

Girl Scouts have not stopped showing their generosity, and this week we’re highlighting Girl Scout Troop 45856 from Lakemoor, IL! These girls have been donating cookies to the essential workers in their community, including postal workers, hospital staff, fire fighters, and pharmacists. Great job, girls, and keep up the great work!

We made the news!

Who caught us on ABC 7 Chicago a few weeks ago? Thanks to Roz Varon from ABC 7 Chicago for featuring our Great Family Camp-In! For those who didn’t attend, watch all the videos on our YouTube! Also make sure to read our wrap-up blog post from the event in case you missed it.

Share your thoughts with us

Creativity, generosity, and passion are just some of the things you bring to the table in all you do as a Girl Scout! We want to hear your stories of service, joy, and exploration–– tell us below in the comments or share your story with us on our website.

As a girl-led organization, we support our Girl Scouts’ passion and desire to make a difference within their own communities. Our Girl Scouts and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access page now has a living list of resources for girls to take action, reflect on current events, and learn.

Member Monday Round-Up: Spreading Kindness

​It is a challenging, stressful, emotional time for people and girls around the nation and in our own communities. This week, our Member Monday blog post is dedicated to providing  ​a sense of comfort and optimism for our members in light of our continuing conversations about how to provide resources and support for our community and sisterhood.

We will also be providing resources and ways for girls to take action and heal during this time. We stand with girls unequivocally, and protecting and promoting their joy and safety is a vital part of our mission.​Our Girl Scout curriculum inherently focuses on respecting diversity, advocating and taking action on important issues, and how be a good citizen. But we also recognize that we will need to provide more specific resources and activities. We will also be providing resources and ways for girls to take action and heal during this time. We stand with girls unequivocally, and protecting and promoting their joy and safety is a vital part of our mission.

Staying Positive

Girl Scouts from Troop 55191 did a good turn last weekend and delivered more than 1,000 painted inspirational rocks to Alexian Brothers Hospital in Elk Grove Village. The rocks, along with yard signs, handwritten cards, homemade masks, Girl Scout Cookies and hand sanitizer, were all intended to boost the morale of essential workers at the facility. That’s Girl Scouts––making the world a better place, especially in challenging times.

Taking Action

As a girl-led organization, we support our Girl Scouts’ passion and desire to make a difference within their own communities. Our Girl Scouts and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access page now has a living list of resources for girls to take action, reflect on current events, and learn. Here are some of those resources:

Raising Awesome Girls Series by GSUSA


Find out more about GCNWI’s efforts toward Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Access.

Take Care

We know how passionate, intelligent, and dedicated you are to assisting your community. We want to tell the whole world. Share with us resources, actions, healing projects, and other ideas by tagging us @GirlScoutsGCNWI, posting on our Facebook page, or sharing your story on our website.

Member Monday Round-Up: Catching Up With GCNWI!

Girl Scout Troop 45435

Warm weather is finally here, and Girl Scouts from around the council have been getting ready for a different kind of summer break. Even as we continue to stay physically distant, we’ve been staying connected like never before with virtual events, at-home Patch Programs, and other activities!

Last week, GCNWI hosted the first ever Great Family Camp-In, and it was a huge success! We are to glad to hear so many of you had an awesome day camping from home–– check out our blog post to read more.

Continue reading to learn all about what GCNWI has been up to!

The Magic of Sisterhood

Girl Scouts, have you been looking for ways to feel empowered while we shelter-in-place? Girl Scout Troop 25411 has just the thing! These girls compiled The Ultimate Guide to Being a Quarantine Queen, including TONS of ideas for self-care, like yoga routines, face mask and yummy dessert recipes, DIY fashion ideas, and more! Download the activity book to get started on your self-care journey.

Girl Scouts have continued meeting virtually, and this Girl Scout worked on earning the Balloon Car Design Badge, a part of the Junior Mechanical Engineering Badge! Watch her Balloon Car go:

Cadette Girl Scout Troop 70917 found a way to celebrate their graduation from grade school to high school AND their bridging from Cadettes to Seniors, all while social distancing! This troop has been together since they were Daisies, and while there were no hugs, there were plenty of laughs and stories shared while celebrating their magical sisterhood. Congratulations, young ladies!

Also check out this super-troop leader Dionne H., drama instructor at Douglas Park and Austin Town Hall Park. She’s reading a favorite book by Green Shaw, “It Looked Like Spilt Milk!” Dionne also received an Appreciation Pin this year, recognizing her outstanding volunteer service for GCNWI! Congratulations, Dionne!

Looking for another quick pick-me-up? Girl Scout Daisies from Troop 55871 shared this awesome Virtual Hug video they made together, and we love it! Thanks for sharing, girls!

Girl Scout Service Spotlight!

Cookies from Troop 25411 

Girl Scouts have continued dedicating time and resources to helping first-responders and others in their communities, and they’ve definitely made some waves! Suzanne Le Mignot of CBS 2 Chicago spotlighted how Girl Scouts are still providing cookies to those who wish to show their gratitude for medial personnel and essential workers! Read the article and watch the clip to learn about the spotlighted Girl Scout and hear a word from our CEO, Nancy Wright.

Girl Scouts from Troop 60455 were recently recognized by the Oak Lawn-Hometown School District 123 for their partnership with Advocate Christ Hospital and the Oak Lawn Food Pantry! Read about their service project to learn more.

We also got shout-outs from the Lakeview Pantry and Mercy Home, recognizing more massive donations from local Girl Scouts! Amazing!

Girl Scouts have gotten creative about how to participate in service projects from home, but they aren’t the only ones! Girl Scout Leaders from Troops 60011, 60023, 60533, 65107, 64777, 65158, 65153, 65493, 65640, 65572, 65573, 65560, and 60561 organized a drive-through parade to benefit the Orland Park Food Pantry. Leaders rallied and collected 4 trunk loads of food and over $1,000 in cash donations for the local food pantry!

It is very heartwarming to know that even though we can’t physically be together, there’s no reason we can’t figure out how to do awesome things as Girl Scouts another way. Great job, everyone!

Brownie and Junior Troop 55532 decided to donate their remaining cookies to front-line workers at Rush Copley Hospital in Aurora, IL, with a honk and honor drive-by to say their thanks! They wanted to show their appreciation to all who have gone above and beyond to help the community, and it looks like the cookies were really appreciated!

Girl Scout Avery from Troop 25818 made a sign, cards, crafts, and puzzles, as well as chocolate chip cookies, for the elderly residents at the Little Sisters of the Poor in Chicago! She wanted to brighten their days, and I certainly think she did!

Share your summer plans, service project ideas, Patch Program results, and more with us on social media, by tagging us @GirlScoutsGCNWI, posting on our Facebook page, or sharing your story on our website!

Looking for a Patch Program to do with your troop? The Girl Scouts from Home page is full of Badge How-To’s you can complete from home!

Keep up with our upcoming Virtual Events by checking out our Calendar, which can also be found on the Girl Scouts from Home page!

Girl Scouts Honoring Veterans

Girl Scouts Honoring Veterans

Throughout history, Girl Scouts across the nation have honored both the active members of our military and veterans who have sacrificed to protect our freedom. This Memorial Day is no different. Even though we are observing this day from home, Girl Scouts continue to show appreciation for our veterans. 

This week’s Member Monday falls on Memorial Day, which marks the beginning of Service Week across our council. We’re taking this opportunity to highlight Girl Scouts who have earned the Girl Scouts GCNWI Honoring our Veterans patch

A Girl Scout alum—who just happens to be army veteran and United States Senator Tammy Duckworth—teamed up with us to develop a special patch program so girls can connect with and honor veterans in their communities. By completing a service project, visiting a veteran, or telling a veteran’s story, girls can earn the Girl Scouts GCNWI Honoring our Veterans patch

Since the launch of the patch program last Veterans Day, so many Girl Scouts have shared their experiences working with veterans with us. 

The stories below are from some of the council’s service-minded Girl Scouts who dedicated time to veterans in their communities previously, before we sheltered in place to stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Serving Those who Served

Girl Scouts from three different troops from Glenview, IL, organized a Cards for Veterans Service Project for veterans at the Hines VA Hospital. The girls ended up exceeding their initial goal, collecting over 140 cards that were delivered to the hospital on Veterans Day 2019. The girls hope to inspire more people in their community to share their messages of appreciation, not only around Veterans Day, but throughout the year. 

Girl Scout Troop 75142, in celebration of Veterans Day, hosted an event filled with music, food, games, fellowship, and a performance by the Loyola University Rambler Battalion Color Guard, all in honor of the sacrifices women United States service members have made to defend our country. Later, the girls organized a donation drive to benefit the Women’s Residential Program at the Captain James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center. 

Service is an essential part of the Girl Scout DNA, and Gold Award Girl Scout and Senator Duckworth knows this well. When she thinks of Girl Scouts, she thinks of “hard work… a commitment to making the community, and the country around you, a better place.”

Watch Senator Duckworth speak on the importance of service in Girl Scouting:

Visiting a Veteran

Some Girl Scouts took a more personal approach to the patch program, like Sophia, who chose to interview her stepfather. During this conversation, Sophia gained insight into someone important in her life and a deeper understanding about how to better support veterans. She learned that being home can sometimes feel harder than being away, and that a supportive friend group is essential. 

Last October, Girl Scout Anne decided to volunteer at the Manteno Veteran’s Home, where she met Jimmie, a veteran with a love for Bob Hope. Anne learned about his time in Korea and how he got to see his favorite comedian, Hope, who dedicated himself to providing laughter to active service members. Anne loved earning this patch so much she joined an Auxiliary Post with the American Legion in her community to continue helping veterans. 

A group of Girl Scouts from Chicago also kept their project close to home, connecting with their own troop leader and the father of one of the girls, both veterans. The girls listened closely to their stories, learning about the different branches of the armed forces, how to become a veteran, and the treatment of women in the army. They also learned that, like in the Girl Scouts, everyone in the military has a part to play and must “be prepared” at all times. 

Honoring our Veterans from Home

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to honor and support veterans from home. The Village of Lake Bluff will be hosting a virtual Memorial Day observance ceremony, available for online viewing on Monday, May 25 at 9:00 a.m. Filmed in front of the Veteran’s Memorial at the Village Green, the ceremony will be shared online through the Facebook pages of the Village of Lake Bluff, LakeBluffStrong, and the Lake Bluff History Museum.

Girl Scouts interested in completing the Honoring our Veterans Patch Program should complete at least two of the criteria from the list below and share their story in order to earn the patch. 

Complete a Service Project Benefitting Veterans 

You may complete two service projects to earn the patch. Below are some ideas: 

  • Send cards of appreciation 
  • Donate Girl Scout Cookies to a veteran home or program 
  • Coordinate and lead a virtual activity with a veteran 
  • Work with a local veteran or senior center to coordinate the delivery of hygiene supplies, clothes, and other needed items. 

Visit with a Veteran: While meeting in person may not be currently safe, coordinating online meetings with veterans you know or in a program can fulfill the requirement. 

Tell a Veteran’s Story: Interview a veteran virtually and tell their story through writing, video, or another way! Use digital resources and get creative with how you tell and share their story. 

Download the patch program guidelines [PDF] » 
Share your story to earn the free patch » 

Member Monday Round-Up: Staying Strong!

Girl Scout Ja’Mirra from Troop 26060

Another week, another collection of AMAZING stories from our local Girl Scouts! Girl Scouts have kept their spirits up and kept the Girl Scout way alive by participating in virtual troop meetings, planning and completing highest awards, doing “good turns” daily, and most importantly, having fun!

As we come out of Green for Good Week and gear up for Family Week and the Girl Scouts GCNWI Great Family Camp-In from May 23-24, we want to continue to take time out of the week to appreciate and celebrate our Girl Scout Family. Read on to find out what these Girl Scout sisters have been up to lately!

Baking the World a Better Place

Girl Scout Daisy Morgan from Troop 75639 is really baking a name for herself. She started her own YouTube channel Morgan Makes and Bakes, and last week shared a video of herself making an incredible-looking Girl Scout Cookie Cake! We can’t wait to use some of our cookies to make it!

Girl Scout Troops are chugging along, and Troop 10063, a multi-level troop ranging from Daisies to Seniors, has been hosting regular meetings using Facebook Live! They’ve hosted cooking demonstrations, a paint-along, Mother’s Day crafts, and workshops on Girl Scout basics! They’ve even taken two virtual field trips, one to their leader’s place of work at a local distribution office and warehouse, and another to a county forest preserve for a nature trail hike. Sounds like a whole lot of Girl Scout fun!

The creative juices have really been flowing for some Girl Scouts–– just look at the girls from Troop 60538! These girls got together to create their very own news show where they share feel-good stories, and this fulfilled part of their Media Girl Journey! If you need a chuckle, check out their Quarantine Quarrels:

Girl Scout Service Spotlight!

Girl Scouts have continued to do “good turns” daily, either by donating cookies, organizing donation drives, or simply spreading some much-needed cheer. Troop 76120 donated their leftover cookies to healthcare workers at Northwestern Hospital, and the entire Service Unit 718 in Frankfort, IL sent thank-you cards! Although we can’t see the smiles on their faces, we’re sure the cookies brought them plenty of joy!

With the help of their “big sister” Girl Scout Jazleen, Daisy Troop 75552 donated over 50 boxes of cookies and plenty of beautiful thank-you notes to Oak Lawn Advocate Medical Center! What a great way to put Girl Scout sisterhood into action!

This AWESOME family of Girl Scouts from Troops 21180 and 20897 donated their last boxes of cookies to the University of Chicago! Every donated box came with a handmade special thank you card from the girls. We know that the staff was incredibly appreciative of this generosity!

Girl Scouts have gotten really creative when it comes to helping out their communities, and Girl Scout Sommer from Troop 60261 is no exception! Since hand sanitizer has been in short supply, Sommer began to use her own allowance to buy ingredients to make some herself–– since then, she’s been donating these bottles to police officers, city workers, nursing home volunteers, senior citizens, friends, and families! She was even featured in the Homewood-Flossmoor Chronicle, and for good reason. Incredible work, Sommer!

This troop of local Girl Scouts also donated cookies, and created these special notes! Thanks for sharing, girls!

Are you looking for a service opportunity to partake in with your troop? Emma Davenport, the Illinois State Lead for #MasksNow, shared with us a very special opportunity for any interested Girl Scouts:

Silver Award Shout Out!

Our last groups of featured Girl Scouts get very special shout-outs for recently working on or completing their Silver Awards!

Troop 70950’s Silver Award project focused on spreading kindness throughout their community, and they certainly accomplished that goal! The girls volunteered with RichEnDeed, a local non-profit that allows community members to donate gently used clothing and household items which others can shop for free at their store.

For the first annual Holiday Shop with RichEnDeed, they collected and sorted donations for the store, and these girls even went the extra mile to purchase, assemble, and donate a brand-new donation shed so donations can be dropped outside the store! Congratulations to these super-generous Girl Scouts for this amazing accomplishment!

Girl Scouts Evie and Madalyn from Troop 51974 also deserve a shout-out for their awesome work on their Silver Award, an idea they came up with together last summer after Madalyn got back from camp. Because their favorite place to earn badges is at camp, Evie and Madalyn wanted to find a way to help other girls do the same. Thus, the Badge Packs were born, consisting of all the supplies needed to complete certain badges, including the instructions, activities, and whatever else someone may need!

Their plan is to send a variety of Badge Packs for Daisies, Brownies, and Juniors to Camps Greenewood, Butternut Springs, Juniper Knoll, and River Trails! Evie and Madalyn chose diverse options such as the Junior Detective Badge and the Brownie Making Friends Badge because they wanted to provide a range of options for girls at camp who may already be earning other badges. They’re very excited, and hope to deliver their finished product to camps by the end of 2020! Great job, girls, and thank you so much for sharing!

Girl Scout Cookies Are (Still) Here!

Hello from one of the contributing writers of this blog, Susana Cardenas-Soto! I am breaking the fourth wall very briefly to share my own story from this past week because I BOUGHT GIRL SCOUT COOKIES and you can too!

I connected with Girl Scout Troop 23143 for some much needed treats, and they have plenty more cookies to sell! Purchase Girl Scout Cookies for yourself, or as gifts for essential workers, medical staff, and others–– just fill out this form and you’ll be connected with a local troop and coordinate a safe, contactless transfer of delicious treats! What could be better?

These Girl Scouts are super impressive, and they aren’t the only ones! Catch up on all of our Member Monday and Service Spotlight blog posts to get some more good Girl Scout vibes:

Please keep sharing your stories with us!

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Member Monday Round-Up: Happier Together!

Girl Scout Hayley O.

Wow–– what a week it was Springing Forward with GCNWI! We tuned in for our very first Career Conversation (you can still join in next Monday, May 18), designed incredible Balloon Cars at the Mechanical Engineering workshop, built comforting Happy Boxes together (you can learn how to build one of your own by watching our tutorial), and learned all about composting with earthworms!

This is in addition to the continued service enacted by many of our own GCNWI Girl Scouts to support community organizations and essentials workers with cookies and other resources. Let’s learn about some of our awesome local Girl Scouts (and check out a very special shout-out from Mayor of Chicago Lori Lightfoot):

Launching into Springtime!

Our Girl Scouts have been having such a blast with our Virtual Programs and Events, and it shows–– just look at this future Girl Scout who joined us for a Virtual Girl Scout Daisy Launch! Looks like her rocket turned out great!

This Brownie troop has been getting ready for Green for Good week by upcycling and working on their Wonders of Water Journey–– so cool and a great way to get girls thinking about the environment. Thanks to leader and member of the Associate Board Misse Daniel for sharing!

Girl Scout Peyton has been keeping busy by participating in multiple virtual events, her favorite being the Girl Power Half Hour hosted by Girl Scouts of the Northwestern Great Lakes! She attended a World Traveler session, where she made a sign in Japanese to say “hello” and embrace diversity. She also made “fairy bread,” a favorite treat in Australia. Sweet!

Last week, we also celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week, and Girl Scout Troop 41762 shared an awesome thank-you to their teachers:

If you’re in need of some story-time, make sure to watch Girl Scout Kaylee read Splat the Cat! Great job, Kaylee!

Close at Heart

Girl Scouts have also weathered the storm and continued meeting regularly with their troops through virtual meetings, and they look like so much fun! This Brownie troop from St. Theresa School shared with us their beautiful unicorn paintings, and we’re wondering if they’re taking commissions!

Girl Scouts are making history–– literally! As a part of Chicago Museum’s “In This Together” project which records stories from the COVID-19 pandemic, leader Kris Nesbitt shared her experience leading a Brownie Girl Scout troop during this time. Read her whole story below:

Girl Scout Service Spotlight!

Junior Troop 70147

We remain SO impressed with our local Girl Scouts that have, over the past SIX weeks, donated hundreds of cookies, hours of time, and plenty of resources to their communities. We’ve gotten a lot of attention, even from Mayor of Chicago Lori Lightfoot (keep reading to see the shout-out!).

Junior Troop 70147 (pictured above) made a big donation to the Frankfort Township Food Pantry, and Daisy Troop 55786 sold over 300 cases of cookies for our Gift of Caring program and donated them to My Joyful Heart! Just like that, the 1,000+ kids in the program may be tasting their first Girl Scout cookies ever. Great job, girls!

Girl Scouts are not the only ones who are doing some good: long-time Camp Greene Wood nurse, Tammy “Kandi” Lis, was saluted by the Chicago Blackhawks on National Nurse Day for her work sewing and delivering over 500 scrub-caps to her coworkers treating COVID-19 patients. We are super excited about this because she is an AWESOME human!

Our Girl Scouts are truly remarkable, and one of them has gotten the attention of Mayor of Chicago Lori Lightfoot:

Hayley’s efforts are incredible, and we are so thankful to Mayor Lightfoot for featuring her! Find out more about Hayley’s project and how you can contribute to the cause.

After reading all of these stories from our local Girl Scouts, we hope you’re feeling renewed and inspired for the coming year! It is clear that even in challenging times, Girl Scouts shine brighter beyond imagination.

Share your stories with us, whether they’re about your service project or just having some fun.

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