Girl Scouts are Earning the Silver Award for Menstrual Justice!

Girl Scouts are Earning the Silver Award for Menstrual Justice!

Girl Scouts are known for their commitment to service and creativity: put them together and you can get amazing results! Girl Scout Cadettes Olivia, Abby, Lily, Violet, and Kara from Troop 40965 in Des Plaines, IL, did just that recently in the process to earn their Silver Award and assist their community in a very impactful, special way: through hand-sewn “Period Packs.” 

Read on to learn about this amazing community service project! 

Behind the “Pack”

Their motivation was simple: to help get menstrual products in the hands of people who need them. “After some deep discussion, we decided this would be the most beneficial to our community,” Olivia explained. “We wanted to help people less fortunate than us— pads and tampons can be really expensive, and we wanted to help to make sure it was available to people who can’t afford them,” Violet continued. 

The girls then set on a mission to make that happen! They learned how to create patterns and use a sewing machine to make the “Period Packs”, then emailed CEOs of menstrual product companies for donations and coordinated the donations with local shelters. Their efforts have been incredibly successful: now, over eight thousand tampons and sixteen thousand pads are ready to be stowed in the handmade packs and donated to those who need them. “When we donate the pouches, I know that many people will be grateful that they received them,” Kara shared. 

These girls are determined to make community service something everyone does, not just Girl Scouts: Olivia shared, “I have always loved helping people, especially people in need. Doing something like this makes me really hopeful that other people will get inspired and start doing more good things in the world.” Lily continued, “I see Girl Scouts affecting change by coming together. If we spread awareness about these issues, we can get other people to take a stance.” 

By the end of the summer, these “Period Packs” will be completed and distributed! 

Great job to everyone involved and thank you for sharing your story with us. 

Create Your Own Community Impact With Highest Awards

When Girl Scout Cadettes focus on an issue they care about, learn the facts, and take action to make a difference, they gain the confidence and skills that will catapult them to lifelong success. It all adds up to the Girl Scout Silver Award—the highest honor a Cadette can achieve. 

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Girl Scouts Provide Weekly Sack Lunches For The Roberti Community House!

Happy International Women’s Day! March 8 is dedicated to uplifting the power of women and girls across the globe, who are challenging gender stereotypes and shattering glass ceilings every day of the year. To all the girls and women in our council, we applaud your dedication, strength, and perseverance this year and every year.

Over the past year, we have seen Girl Scouts step up in major ways to help their communities through the challenges of the pandemic. Girl Scouts as young as Daisies and Brownies are making an impact through service, and Girl Scouts from the Waukegan, IL area are making this impact every single week through their donations to the Roberti Community House.

Since last spring, many children who relied on their schools to receive lunch began to experience food insecurity; through the efforts of several troops in the area, Girl Scouts are now delivering between 200 and 400 sack lunches to the Roberti Community House weekly. Read on to meet one of the organizers of this project, Katherine Najjar, and some of the Girl Scouts who have been involved!

Tackling Food Insecurity, One Week at a Time

Katherine, Girl Scout troop leader and Cookie Manager for her Service Unit, came to the Roberti Community House with extra cookies left over from the season and left with a service opportunity for her and her girls to impact their community. As a result of the pandemic, “the need for food really skyrocketed,” Katherine explained, “and there’s already a lot of food insecurity in Waukegan.”

“What started with the Girl Scout cookies moved to these bags,” she continued, and now the service project, which has Girl Scouts putting together sack lunches for the Roberti Community House food pantry, has several troops in the area involved, collecting at least 200 bags per drop-off.

The impact of their service goes beyond the numbers, with Katherine reflecting, “It’s been really helpful for [the girls] to understand that there are so many people that just want a simple lunch. I think that by seeing the lines outside of the food pantry, they can see that we can really make a difference in our community.”

One of the participating troops, Brownie Troop 47764, collects 50 sack lunches to donate every other month. They affirm the importance of the service they’re doing: “It’s important to help people; everyone deserves something,” Girl Scout Vivian shared.

Spring and Summer Programs Are Now Open!

As part of Kellogg’s commitment to creating Better Days for 3 billion people by the end of 2030 and inspire healthier eating habits in children, the company is partnering with Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana (GCNWI) to create 5,000 specialty Wellbeing Boxes, filled with fun activities and information focused on educating and nurturing your physical, emotional, and societal wellbeing. 

You can get a FREE Wellbeing Box when you register for a GCNWI program!

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Celebrate Girl Scout Week With Us!

Each year Girl Scouts across the country come together to celebrate Girl Scout Week, which is observed the week around March 12- the “Girl Scout Birthday”- and is filled with many traditions.

This year we’re breaking the mold and celebrating the ENTIRE MONTH! Frankly, after the year we’ve all had, seven days isn’t enough for us to say thank you to you all for keeping the Girl Scout heartbeat strong.

Read more on our blog.

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Local Girl Scouts Donate 1,000 Bags of Hope!

Girl Scouts from Troop 30158 have been working for two years to make their community (and the world) a better, safer, more comforting place, especially for other young people. These girls took their initiative and desire to help others to their Silver Award project, culminating in the donation of 1,000 “Bags of Hope” for children in the Lake Country DCFS system. Read on to meet the girls and learn about their impressive work!

Hope in a Bag

In the fall of 2018, the girls and their troop leader Tiffany began to call on their community, their first goal being to donate 2,000 bags filled with stuffed animals, blankets, toiletries, and any comforting donated items. The resourceful girls, over the next two years, used their cookie money, sourced reusable canvas bags from an anonymous donor, collected blankets in partnership with Relay for Life fundraiser, and placed donation bins in numerous community locations to prep for their amazing initiative!

By early January of last year, the girls were able to assemble and fill the remaining bags; however, by March, they were unable to safely deliver the bags to DCFS. They sat in Tiffany’s basement until October, and though they didn’t reach their initial goal of 2,000 bags, they were able to make a huge impact, donating over 1,000 Bags of Hope.

“We spent a lot of hours together,” Girl Scout Hailey described, “but I’m really happy with the results. If I was a foster kid, I’d want to have something of my own.” Ella continued, “We definitely learned how to work as a troop together because of how much time we spent. I also learned that I shouldn’t take things for granted. After putting all of these bags together, I realize how many things I get for myself.”

“These girls do it with a smile on their face: that’s the best part,” their leader Tiffany said.

Fantastic job, girls! We are so impressed with your dedication to community service.

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Girl Scouts Take On Weekly Service Sundays!

Our Girl Scouts are committed to community service, even during the holidays. Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana (GSGCNWI) and the Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) recently partnered up to offer a service opportunity to girls and troops in our Community Service Sunday group. We asked that girls and troops work to create ornaments for patients at the CTCA in Zion, IL, with words of encouragement and spirited designs.

The girls outdid themselves: the CTCA received hundreds of handmade ornaments from girls all over our council, and the patients were overwhelmed with gratitude and holiday cheer! “My daughter, Mia, and I had a great time making them and hoped that it brought a smile to someone,” troop leader Angelica told us. CTCA patient Reopal certainly smiled: “As a former Girl Scout, I was elated to receive the beautiful ornament made by a current Girl Scout. Knowing that these girls were thinking of cancer patients during the emotional times of the holidays really warms my heart.”

Take a peek below for some photos of the ornaments and kind words!

If you’d like to sign your girl or troop up for our Community Service Sunday group, you can do that by registering here! Service opportunities are emailed on the second and fourth Sunday of the month.

Girl Scouts Give Back for the Holidays

Our Girl Scouts make service a tradition just like any holiday, and this year, community service and spreading kindness is more important than ever. There are still plenty of ways to do good and make the world a better place. Be inspired by these stories and learn how Girl Scouts from Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana (GSGCNWI) are keeping the community service going!

A Special Holiday Tradition

Girl Scout troop leader Tina and her girls know the value of community service well: together, they have filled over hundreds of baskets full of Thanksgiving food for years, and their service has become especially essential this year.

The annual service project began years ago as a coordinated effort between local troops and the Mundelein Police Department. Despite the challenges posed by COVID-19, the project continued, and with the help of local schools and Girl Scouts throughout Service Unit 415, Tina and her girls were able to help serve over 100 families in their small community this year!

“Teaching my girls to be kind and humble is very important,” Tina explained. “I try to [have the girls] do things they can see and feel are impacting others,” even as the troop stays apart. “I constantly remind my girls that, as Girl Scouts, we help people at all times.”

More Ways to Give Back!

Check out this shoutout to Service Unit 596 for their very generous donation to Journeys Home!

Read more about their Bronze Award service project on our blog.

Girl Scouts from Troop 71503 based in Romeoville recently were featured on the Daily Herald for their Bronze Award service project! The girls added a micro-pantry to the Romeoville branch of the White Oak Library District, now providing a place for people to anonymously donate and pick up food.

Looking for more ways to give back? Read all about local Girl Scouts earning their Bronze Award on our blog!

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Our Girl Scouts are giving back to their communities, making waves as National Delegates, creating beautiful collaborative art, and much more. Catch up on all of our Girl Scout stories—you don’t want to miss them!

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Join us for December Programs!

It’s a Winter Wonderland this December with Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana (GSGCNWI), and you’re invited! 

Find out what awesome virtual programs we have planned for next month!

Observe Veterans Day with Girl Scouts GCNWI

Girl Scouts are known for their allegiance to our nation’s veterans and have found creative and impactful ways to continue engaging with service members.

Since last year’s launch of the Honoring Our Veterans Patch Program, created in collaboration with army veteran, Girl Scout alum, and United States Senator Tammy Duckworth, Girl Scouts from around Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana (GSGCNWI) have connected with and honored veterans in their communities.

Listen to Senator Duckworth speak on the importance of service:

Whether by completing a service project, visiting veterans to connect personally, or telling the stories of veterans, girls can earn the Girl Scouts GCNWI Honoring our Veterans patch and make a difference in the lives of veterans around them.

Read on to learn how our girls are celebrating this year’s Veterans Day, and how you can join in!

Honoring the Nation

Brownie Troops 45713 and 45936

Girl Scouts as young as Brownies (grades 2-3) are earning the patch, and these two troops 45713 and 45936 made a special and creative video encouraging everyone to thank our nation’s veterans!

Watch the video above and get inspired to take action and thank a veteran today!

Girl Scout Troop 75466

Service animals, pets that are trained to provide comfort and assistance to veterans, can be essential to healing after stressful and dangerous circumstances. Girl Scout Troop 75466 felt they could do good by providing a service animal to someone who needed it— and they accomplished their goal!

The girls worked hard selling cookies to fund the adoption of a service dog, and with the help of a local organization, were able to provide a local veteran with a much-appreciated furry friend. As you can see from the picture, both the dog and the veteran were very happy to meet each other! Congratulations to him and the girls for their amazing act of kindness!

Honoring our Veterans from Home

Girl Scouts interested in completing the Honoring our Veterans Patch Program should complete at least two of the criteria from the list below and share their story in order to earn the patch.

Take inspiration from the stories above or read this list to get some ideas:

Complete a Service Project Benefitting Veterans

You may complete two service projects to earn the patch. Below are some ideas:

  • Send cards of appreciation
  • Donate Girl Scout Cookies to a veteran home or program
  • Coordinate and lead a virtual activity with a veteran
  • Work with a local veteran or senior center to coordinate the delivery of hygiene supplies, clothes, and other needed items.

Visit with a Veteran

While meeting in person may not be currently safe, coordinating online meetings with veterans you know or in a program can fulfill the requirement.

Tell a Veteran’s Story

Interview a veteran virtually and tell their story through writing, video, or another way! Use digital resources and get creative with how you tell and share their story.

Download the patch program guidelines [PDF] »
Share your story to earn the free patch »

Interested in another service opportunity? Participate in the USO Care Package Program to provide Snack Packs and Toiletry Packs with hygiene essentials to active U.S. and overseas service members!

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Local Girl Scouts Earn the Bronze Award for Community Service!

During this unprecedented year, Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana (GCNWI) has had to pivot and adjust so we can continue to support Girl Scouts as they serve their communities and making change in whatever ways they can, despite current meeting restrictions.

Local Girl Scouts from all over our council continue to make the world a better place: read on to learn about just three of our council’s troops who came up with creative ways to make the best of a difficult situation and spread kindness to their communities!

Girl Scouts Work Together!

Troop 55191 of Itasca worked together with their community for Journeys: The Road Home, which oversees the PADS shelters. After previously working with the PADS shelters, the decided to repeat their service, using technology to their advantage to collect donations through Facebook. The girls picked up the donations, and made a substantial contribution to the organization.

Their troop leader Denise reflected on the Bronze Award project: “We are working together to make the world a better place, even with new restrictions on how we can meet!”

Girl Scout troops 50074 and 55990 completed their Bronze Award last month in collaboration with Mayor Richard Irvin of Aurora and Ward 9 Alderman Edward J. Bugg! These community leaders joined the Girl Scouts to plant trees at Ridge Park after presenting their project in a city council meeting all the way back in February. Nine trees were planed in an effort to replenish the trees impacted by the Emerald Ash Borer beetles.

Great job to these go-getter girls for doing their part to better their local environment!


Juniors are also getting in on the service action, as Troop 45133 in Buffalo Grove found a new way to do service safety. The girls spent an afternoon outside at a senior community in Wheeling, painting the residents’ windows with beautiful fall-themed scenes. Several residents watched them through the windows, and they waved and smiled!

What an awesome way to spread some cheer: we love it!

Earn a Highest Award!

Bronze. Silver. Gold. These represent the highest honors a Girl Scout can earn. As girls earn one of Girl Scouts’ highest awards, they change their corner of the world—and beyond. The possibilities are endless, even now!

Learn more about earning a Highest Award with GCNWI.

Share Your Stories With Us!

We want to hear all about your service projects, success stories, and even your struggles! For a chance to be featured on our blog and social media, submit your story to our website.

Girl Scouts Honoring Veterans

Girl Scouts Honoring Veterans

Throughout history, Girl Scouts across the nation have honored both the active members of our military and veterans who have sacrificed to protect our freedom. This Memorial Day is no different. Even though we are observing this day from home, Girl Scouts continue to show appreciation for our veterans. 

This week’s Member Monday falls on Memorial Day, which marks the beginning of Service Week across our council. We’re taking this opportunity to highlight Girl Scouts who have earned the Girl Scouts GCNWI Honoring our Veterans patch

A Girl Scout alum—who just happens to be army veteran and United States Senator Tammy Duckworth—teamed up with us to develop a special patch program so girls can connect with and honor veterans in their communities. By completing a service project, visiting a veteran, or telling a veteran’s story, girls can earn the Girl Scouts GCNWI Honoring our Veterans patch

Since the launch of the patch program last Veterans Day, so many Girl Scouts have shared their experiences working with veterans with us. 

The stories below are from some of the council’s service-minded Girl Scouts who dedicated time to veterans in their communities previously, before we sheltered in place to stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Serving Those who Served

Girl Scouts from three different troops from Glenview, IL, organized a Cards for Veterans Service Project for veterans at the Hines VA Hospital. The girls ended up exceeding their initial goal, collecting over 140 cards that were delivered to the hospital on Veterans Day 2019. The girls hope to inspire more people in their community to share their messages of appreciation, not only around Veterans Day, but throughout the year. 

Girl Scout Troop 75142, in celebration of Veterans Day, hosted an event filled with music, food, games, fellowship, and a performance by the Loyola University Rambler Battalion Color Guard, all in honor of the sacrifices women United States service members have made to defend our country. Later, the girls organized a donation drive to benefit the Women’s Residential Program at the Captain James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center. 

Service is an essential part of the Girl Scout DNA, and Gold Award Girl Scout and Senator Duckworth knows this well. When she thinks of Girl Scouts, she thinks of “hard work… a commitment to making the community, and the country around you, a better place.”

Watch Senator Duckworth speak on the importance of service in Girl Scouting:

Visiting a Veteran

Some Girl Scouts took a more personal approach to the patch program, like Sophia, who chose to interview her stepfather. During this conversation, Sophia gained insight into someone important in her life and a deeper understanding about how to better support veterans. She learned that being home can sometimes feel harder than being away, and that a supportive friend group is essential. 

Last October, Girl Scout Anne decided to volunteer at the Manteno Veteran’s Home, where she met Jimmie, a veteran with a love for Bob Hope. Anne learned about his time in Korea and how he got to see his favorite comedian, Hope, who dedicated himself to providing laughter to active service members. Anne loved earning this patch so much she joined an Auxiliary Post with the American Legion in her community to continue helping veterans. 

A group of Girl Scouts from Chicago also kept their project close to home, connecting with their own troop leader and the father of one of the girls, both veterans. The girls listened closely to their stories, learning about the different branches of the armed forces, how to become a veteran, and the treatment of women in the army. They also learned that, like in the Girl Scouts, everyone in the military has a part to play and must “be prepared” at all times. 

Honoring our Veterans from Home

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to honor and support veterans from home. The Village of Lake Bluff will be hosting a virtual Memorial Day observance ceremony, available for online viewing on Monday, May 25 at 9:00 a.m. Filmed in front of the Veteran’s Memorial at the Village Green, the ceremony will be shared online through the Facebook pages of the Village of Lake Bluff, LakeBluffStrong, and the Lake Bluff History Museum.

Girl Scouts interested in completing the Honoring our Veterans Patch Program should complete at least two of the criteria from the list below and share their story in order to earn the patch. 

Complete a Service Project Benefitting Veterans 

You may complete two service projects to earn the patch. Below are some ideas: 

  • Send cards of appreciation 
  • Donate Girl Scout Cookies to a veteran home or program 
  • Coordinate and lead a virtual activity with a veteran 
  • Work with a local veteran or senior center to coordinate the delivery of hygiene supplies, clothes, and other needed items. 

Visit with a Veteran: While meeting in person may not be currently safe, coordinating online meetings with veterans you know or in a program can fulfill the requirement. 

Tell a Veteran’s Story: Interview a veteran virtually and tell their story through writing, video, or another way! Use digital resources and get creative with how you tell and share their story. 

Download the patch program guidelines [PDF] » 
Share your story to earn the free patch » 

Unexpected Generosity in Uncertain Times

by Nancy Wright, CEO, Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana

Today, my goal is to fill your hearts with hope and inspiration.

The COVID-19 pandemic has toyed with our emotions for two months. It has been a social-emotional roller coaster, at times filling us with profound grief, uncertainty and anxiety about the health of our loved ones and concerns about the state of our global economy. 

Yet, just as spring pushes forward despite the darkness of the winter months, humanity’s optimism is emerging to showcase unexpected generosity.

Good news can, indeed, be found around us, hiding in plain sight.

As Girl Scouts rushed to do a “good turn daily,” like sewing masks and delivering cookies to essential workers, so, too, have thousands of others. Their stories touch our hearts, and spark even more acts of generosity.

Actor John Krasinski launched Some Good News to recognize acts of kindness across the globe, attracting millions of viewers hungry for light in the darkness. He most recently matched four remarkable teens with Oprah Winfrey, Malala Yousafzai, Steven Spielberg, and Jon Stewart for commencement conversations, showcasing the brilliance of young people whose drive and resiliency will guide us into a changed world.

Creative artists have filled our screens with their voices, images, and music to inspire us. Everyday citizens are finding ways to express their gratitude to their neighbors, teachers, parents, and first responders. Nonprofits, municipalities and funders are partnering to explore innovative ways to address education equity and access issues, as demonstrated by a recent announcement by WTTW, the City of Chicago, and Citadel.

Signs of unexpected generosity emerging from the depths of this pandemic are everywhere.

Last week, after we made the painful decision to cancel our full portfolio of in-person programming for the summer, including day and resident camp, an unexpected heartening trend emerged with more than 250 people to date donating more than $13,000, primarily by designating a portion of their prepaid fees, and in a few cases, the entire amount, to help close our funding gap. Others shared words of encouragement, applauding our ability to pivot and provide virtual experiences almost immediately.

That spirit of generosity is at the heart of today’s national Giving Tuesday Now campaign

This campaign matches the need of overflowing hearts searching for ways to help others. We hope that you will consider supporting our girls in any way you are able at Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana, as well as other organizations that bring light to the darkness and good news to your life.