Fund Your Travels: Money-Earning Tips for Funding Girl Scout Trips!

A blog series to help girls, parents, and leaders learn ways to fund Girl Scout travels!

Are you ready to travel the globe and see what the world has to offer? Maybe you’re interested in joining a Girl Scouts Destinations trip or a Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana (GSGCNWI) council-sponsored trip such as our upcoming You-and-Me Trips to St. Louis, MO, or Door County, WI!

Whatever your future Girl Scout travels may be, you’re going to need some money, and now is the perfect time to start planning and earning!

Ways to Earn Money to Fund Your Girl Scout Trips

Sell Girl Scout Cookies Right Now!

Cookie season is the perfect time to start earning money for trips and travel! You can participate in the cookie program in multiple ways: sell online with Digital Cookie, set-up a cookie booth with your troop, and circulate cookie order cards through the Goal Getter program.

Girl Scouts earn $0.90 – $1.00 of each package of cookies they sell!

The proceeds earned from participating in the cookie program can be used for traveling with your Girl Scout troop. As your troop sells cookies it earns $0.90 for each package sold. Girl Scout Juniors, Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors (grades 4 – 12) can earn even more per package by choosing the proceed option: in lieu of earning rewards, she can choose to earn $1 per package of cookies sold.

Cookie Dough

Once a Girl Scout sells 1,000 packages of cookies she can opt to earn Cookie Dough as her reward for various levels. View the 2019 Cookie Program Rewards. If Cookie Dough is chosen as the reward, it will be issued to the girl’s parent as a gift card that can be used toward any council-sponsored activity including travel.

Note: New this cookie season, the Digital Cookie platform makes it easier to reach the 1,000-packages goal! Girls create their website and email friends and family, near and far, reaching more customers easily and quickly. Cookies are shipped directly to the customer!

Conduct a Money-Earning Activity

If you and your troop have participated in both the Cookie Program and Fall Product Program, you may then organize additional money-earning activities to earn funds as a group!

Here are some fun ideas to earn money with your troop:

Applications for your money-earning activity are due at least 4 weeks before your trip.

You cannot conduct a money-earning activity during a time that will compete with the Girl Scout Product Programs (so not during October, January, February, or March), but it’s good to begin planning early!

If you and your troop are interested in organizing a money-earning activity, there are several guidelines you must follow. Familiarize yourself with the Money Earning Activities section of the GCNWI Volunteer Essentials (VE) starting on page 75.

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Travel with Your Girl Scout

Registration deadlines are approaching quickly for our upcoming You-and-Me trips to St. Louis and Door Count! On these trips, the first step in the travel progression, Girl Scouts and their mom, grandma, aunt, or an adult female friend can travel together!

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